Everyone want to cover all their angles

I get it. Each update makes people want to needle the point for their benefit. Like the boots in Update 23. They’re excellent consolidated boots for tactical feats. However some rather see that changed to something else. Also, there are some changes being made. Mentau’s goggles are now completely devoid of strength. While they put all that on a Mythic helmet instead (wisely making the mythical stuff stronger) they completely destroyed the goggles in that no one would want them now (yes +11 in Dex but really). There are some marginal changes – they did get rid of some of those ‘reflex +10’ which is nonsensical to have on items since resistance +11 will cover all that. Instead they’re adding +2 insightful reflex etc to those items, making it stack with existing resistance items. I suggested that but I’m sure I wasn’t the only ones.

To me the philosophy of loot is always some kind of synergy. To much overlap and there’s nothing unique anymore. Items should have value, even if it’s a single particular feature. Like the boots. Removing the tactical feats would make the boots worthless. Just as Mentau’s went from OP but could need some adjustments to ‘meh, won’t care’. That’s quite the change.

Same could be said about some of the other items. The gloves lost their +11 Wis (they were really meant to be arcane caster gloves anyways) and got +11 Int. I wish that was insightful instead. There’s just too many sources with max ability and not enough with insightful. There need to be a few more sources of insightful or you got the same silly overlap going on. Take the belt – +11 Charisma and +20 perform. They scream Bard or sorc. (Mostly bard) but at the same time there are a few more items with +11 Charisma/int/whatever. Like the raid helmet. The raid helmet would be better as +3 or 4 insightful of Charisma/int/wis. There should be a desire to own it, not a ‘maybe, I might store it if I get it’. Synergy is good. If it’s a matter of being ‘too’ strong then remove an ability point. Make it a little bit weaker but still a clear utility.

Someone suggested to slaughter the boots completely by removing all tactical feats and adding a way to remove the taint of evil so good (divine) classes can remove all negative effects. I’m very much against that. When I think more and more about loot I realize that there shouldn’t ever be a way to make the most of everything for everyone. Loot doesn’t have to fit all bills. I could imagine high end loot that add some negative to all type of classes. Like an item that adds good amount of HP and con but negative strength (small trade off for huge benefit). Or something for caster that eats some of their SP. Like the rune arm. I like those ideas. Add something strong; suffer a consequence. Remember those mad loot from the level 15 and 17 out of Harbor and Twelve? Some good effects and some negatives. I like that. It adds flavor. Maximizing everything adds nothing but more power.

Over all the changes are okay; dicing the goggles were a little bit much but they added it to a Mythical helmet instead. Sure, the people using the black dragon armor set won’t be happy and I get it. But it is what it is. They didn’t remove it; just made the Mythical stuff stronger. As they should. Before the changes the Mythical was clearly undergunned now some of them are strong. Like the Mythical Minos – 150% Fort, 45 stacking HP and Sheltering 30. If you’re building a tank that’s your head cover. Combine it with Thunderforged for effect and you got a solid piece of metal.

So bring on U23. Let us start collecting the stuff and lets see if U24 can add a unique flavor. Not the must haves but what completes the package. Turbine was smart enough not to release any weapons that would make Thunderforged obsolete. Smart move. Lets hope U24 can be more of a complement to ENecro instead of a constant arms race. Right now we need a way to plan longer term for that final gear – and a solid end game type longterm crafting system that allows us to spend time looking forward. Or maybe I’m just asking for to much.


2 thoughts on “Everyone want to cover all their angles

  1. erdrique

    Playing the “arms race” with respect to the newest loot has always been hard for me. I’m so far behind at the moment I just role with what I find and go from there. But you are definitely right, having some type of synergy is always a good thing and I hope the developers and figure out that equation and keep it going!!


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