Swashbuckled out

I don’t mind Swashbuckling. It’s potent. Combine a pure bard with lots of reflex saves and you have a nice little melee option. The problem is of course the idiocy of spell pen, making the potent dancing ball and such hard to use in harder difficulty – and if you go full Swashbuckler you won’t have many feats for that stuff.

There’s also one thing more with Swashbuckler. It’s singularly devastating on a singular critter. Unlike my tank, my horc, my pally, my tempest ranger etc. All use cleave and greater cleave with gusto and their carnage is on a very different level than my bard Swashbuckler. Sure, my tempest wont hit for more then say 200-300 on crit (moreso when using adrenaline) – but his ability to combine multi arrow for burst and cleaving through critters with easy, makes him more effective on many targets as suppose really good on one.

And with 400 crits on a regular basis the CiTW rapier and Swashbuckling is king; making quick work on a lot of things, combined with adrenalin it’s a lot of destructive power, but it’s one target, at the time. I like coup the grace. It works nicely against regular critters. But the saves on the orange stuff seems silly high. At almost 60 in Charisma this should be small works, but it isn’t.

There are times when it’s super destructive – and others where the mass of enemies simply overwhelmes it. Where some fights are short and to the point and others are long and grinding. So I am a little reversed to soloability. Not that you can’t, you absolutely can – but that it’s quick and efficient like with a horc going full on axe’tard.

I also played Defiance on and off – the instability of the servers drains me of any energy. Mostly because once you get to a certain point and having spent lots of time (and doing well) you suddenly lag out. It just grates me.

And I also played some World of Tanks. Nothing has changed, with the same idiotic visibility rules. I watched this autoloader tank go into hiding. I observed it moving to a bush and then stand still and go invisible. Then the same tank destroyed my heavy tank destroyer because it used premium ammo. Every single thing that makes that game stupid in one encounter. I realized that after half a dozen fights I was done. So much time spent unlocking tanks just to realize that they will never fix this very detrimental and idiotic thing about this game.

And I got Wasteland 2, turn based goodies. Out after several years in the making. I look forward to playing it, just like the first one back in the day. It was my digital drug back when. Played it often. Hardly any graphics. But so much fun.

But back to DDO. I look forward to U23. I need a good reason to take my Pally out for a spin and to start looking for that stuff. I got lucky today and yesterday by first pulling the seal to the ring from Carnival – so now I have myself a complete set for an early good Shiradi proccing ring. I also pulled another pirate hat from E3BC, running several EHards. The Ghost never gave me that sword resurrect clicky, but I did get the hat from Prove your Worth. But I absolutely hated doing Ehard with those snake critters.

Good lord; high spell resist, making dancing almost impossible on my Swashbuckler and they drop that cloud all the time followed by tons of light damaging dots. I just hated it. I did fine, but since Swashbuckler is one single critter at the time it takes long, and keep having to deal with those clouds and dots just makes life miserable.

I don’t need to ever do that on anything but EN again. Just too stupid designed like that. At least not with a Swashbuckler. With my Sorc it would be Shiradi proc heaven followed by a quick brutal destructive run. But the real ace comes out in Prove your worth for the Swashbuckler. 65 in reflex helps. And there’s not a ton of enemies in there. Most of it is traps, turrets and the occasional encounter. And with 83 something in Diplomacy (yup) the end boss couldn’t get any of his taunts in. I set off with a whirlwind of hits and before he could try to taunt my bard a third time it was over. On EH. Done.

All in all a good weekend with some frustration. Swashbuckler is not a one fits all type melee. Not like some other melee. But what it does it does really well. Good single target massive damage. With daze and dancing coup de grace is brutally effective. But fighting large groups is a bore and take time.


One thought on “Swashbuckled out

  1. erdrique

    I have yet to create a Swashbuckler but one its strengths seemed to be in using crowd control mechanics to pick off enemies one at a time, especially with its coup de grace ability. Hm, sounds like this is problematic at higher end content though. Something to keep in mind.


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