U23 is almost here

This weekend was completely DDO free. I didn’t even log in once. I felt that with U23 just around the corner it was kind of pointless. Especially since I’m either TRing or ERing a few guys to take advantage of the new stuff.

I did try to play defiance. But those servers are as stable as a bipolar Wolverine. I just don’t feel like investing some time just to have everything crap out at the final moment. So I played Wastelands 2 instead. Pretty much all weekend (except for the half a day when my old lawnmover decided to pass onto into small engine heaven and I tried to take apart the carburetor as before and that didn’t do anything so I had to buy a new lawnmover – probably on the LAST hot day of the fall and the last opportunity to move the lawn).

And it was mostly good. Mostly because there are bugs. And oddities. The kind of stuff where you’re suppose to go from 1 to 2 to 3. But as I stumbled around Hollywood I found 2 (that’s right 2) ways of skip entire story lines. I found the final quest item by chance in an abandoned park – completely skipping pretty much an entire quest line and I found the final slaver area – and again skipping an entire quest line.

It was like, hey, I found those photos you were being blackmailed for, but never figured out since I didn’t talk to anyone except you starting the entire line.

Oh, people are being kidnapped into slavery? Hmmm, lets start by not locating the first guy you talk to and find this manhole and rescue these people after a quick fight. What’s this – a chest with a manifest explaining what the guy I never spoke to are up too? Now go talk to end guy and complete.

Not to mention going in hot and heavy into the final bastion of super fanatic religious people, skipping rescuing the guy the dominatrix is in love with. Not that I ever figured out who he is (or if he was even alive) since I blew everyone up.

It was a great couple of days (and I’m not even done) but it feels like I just stumbled around for a bit here and managed to solve it despite my better self.


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