Me likey

I like u23, in so far that it adds gobs of new toys, some really interesting new things like Mirror of Glimmering (not perfect tho since it appears to be making ‘bad’ copies in some cases) and notably PRR and MRR changes with some nice new boosts to Pally’s. Macabre is what it is; never was my favorite quest chain but it’s a little bit more XP and a new wilderness to pump on XP. Plus toys; did I mention toys? Yeah, toys.

So now I will have to get serious about getting some of that final gear in place like a triple tier thunderforged, especially for my Pally. And just use him to do these Macabre quests over and over until I have some of the gear. And of course flag everyone possible for the new raid. Because some of the raid toys are useful too.

I’m not going to bother with Crystal Cove. I’m very disappointed that they decided to upgrade the loot – I don’t understand why people needed that stuff upgraded to what looks like an incremental benefit but not worth the grind. There’s plenty of stuff in the level 24 range that is either better or easier to get. CC would be best at 20 (nice starter ER gear in spots) and augments would be a better way of grinding CC for something useful.

Currently there are some okay augments, but I see a wealth of possible augments that Turbine can let people make.

So another year without me stomping pirates. It’s been a few ones now.


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