Update 23, a tankers dream

if Update 23 adds a significant uptick in DPS, it also gives a big chunk of combined features to anyone who’d like to put together a tank.

Like these. It combines speed, most tactical options, Greater Heroism and resistance. It’s one item with everything you’d need in tactical boosts. Granted, anyone could need a good source of permanent Greater heroism and resistance, but it’s hard to deny the use of tactical feet for a versatile tank. Plus with the speed, you get all you need for melee and ranged attack Speed, saving you some additional features that would altogether be 2-3 items at least. Like right now I don’t use an item for stunning (something I need) but I have the seal from MOTU with Vertigo and I’m one level from the collar from TOR for run and attack speed. All of that (including whatever I find for stunning) can be combined into one pair of boots.

Then there’s Mythic Emerald Gaze. A must have to combine strength, both for max value but also insight. But it also adds other features such as immunity to fear (currently an augment), insightful combat mastery (to be combined with the tactical feet from the boots) and intimidation. All things useful for a tank. Again, combining at least 2-3 items into one.

The question is of course if the best thing is to add for belt. You have Belt of Thoughtful Remembrance or the raid belt Purging the Pantheon. The quest belt offers primarily con, dodge and greater generation and the raid belt is a good source of Fort, protection and some absorption. I’m thinking the quest belt. Having a combined source for both con and dodge is nice while the shadowscale adds a nice source of fortification already. And while protection is nice for a tank there are other sources, like augments with almost as much. But there’s also the Battlerager’s Harness. More useful for people who focus on DPS over tanking but certainly nice for some additional damage.

Mentau’s Goggles used to be better when it had strength on it, but it’s still not a bad pair of goggles with a good source of seeker. But then maybe a good random loot with deadly and accuracy can fit here, or some of the other named stuff.

For bracers there’s always the good old random +20% Heal amp, or maybe something like the Ethereal Bracers that adds Deadly and Riposte, 2 good features for DPS and tanking but also feather falling, saving you an augment slot. I’m partial for Dumathoin’s Bracers tho. It’s a solid tanking bracers and you don’t have to twist in something for resists.

For necklace there are a few choices but I like a fully upgraded Necklace of Mystic Eidolons. That adds a solid source of additional con and dex.

For trinket we’re talking Litany of the Dead. Profane damage and 2 unique ability points. That’s hard to argue against. And a given to all classes.

For rings I’d like Circle of Malevolence – perfect for tanking and DPS followed by EE Ring of Shadows. Mainly for the lesser displacement – a slightly better blur. Combine that with displacement clickies and you have a solid source of additional protection.

For shield we’re talking Purple Dragon Shield. Con and Charisma; true – there are other sources of better con, but having a solid source of Charisma is nice too, not to mention Sovereign vorpal, making your shield (especially in Vanguard) a solid source of dps.

Which brings us to weapons. Here I’m not entirely sure. There’s bastardsword for glancing blows. Something like Thunderforged Khopesh for additional DPS or even something like thunderforged scimi for additional crits. I’m not much into calculating overall DPS like some do. I do have both the CITW rapier and bastardsword. I like them both. The rapier is nice overall due to the better crit profile. And the bastardsword is nice because of the additional healing on hits. About 5 HP each which adds up on a solid tank. But it’s hard to argue against a tier 3 thunderforged. The question is of course what works best overall for a Vanguard tank build. Considering that choice of best source of DPS should enhance all the other moving parts.

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