A weekend of raids ending up with 1 of 2 possible ‘good’ things

It’s hard to put together enticing titles that somehow going to encapsulate a rant, but I figured I’ll just get this one overwith without dividing into several different subjects. Because the underlying texture is that it involves leading from one point to another with fate playing me a prank.

First, this weekend had me play Mark of Death on several toons until I felt like my brain bled. Never saw a named item drop ones, but I did ransack the raid on one guy (my tank). So in all of that I felt a little bored by waiting for another raid to pop up for my tank, so I jumped on my horc instead to check what the status was. I haven’t played it in ages and it showed. He’s still stuck in basic MOTU stuff and only 2 twists – he’s one of those guys I had to abandon for the sake of my sanity when so much content was released for range evasion builds. And since my horc isn’t one of those self-healing types I didn’t want him to be carried around in someones backpack for lack of self sufficiency. Plus off destiny leveling is another thing I loath. So much so I get tired of even trying. But with the change in melee power and the armor up stuff I figured I should check out if I noticed something different.

And to my surprise it wasn’t all bad.

Which lead to another funny thing; so I have had this Heroic Otto’s box in my inventory for a while. And I was running low on shards. I figured I’d try to sell it for a net profit over say buying shards outright since I didn’t foresee myself using it anytime soon. And naturally it didn’t just run off the action shelves. So I kept re-entering it. Then I had this fantastic idea to do a third life on my Horc. I figured that if I was going to make it a little bit up to date those 2 more points would come handy. So naturally in the back of my head I envisioned the box not selling again and me using it at level 5ish (well 300k XP anyways).

It’s kinda fun ‘starting’ all over, even if I planned it as a limited run. Not that I have forgotten all about Korthos Island or anything but there’s something nostalgic about dusting off the low level gear stuff and starting all over. Not before I at least ER’d first. Just to get a little bit more doublestrike. Then followed by a TR. Note; I first had a vision of adding manyshot to the arsenal and the ‘nice’ thing about doing the ER first was to give me an idea of if I could fit all that within the first 20 levels. As it turned out I didn’t like the compromise of less str and con just to add enough dex and int (you need at least 13 int to be able to pick up combat expertise which you need in order to get improved trip). So once I turned right back into TRing (basically finished, found myself outside the door to the reincarnation sphere/thingy and walked in again). This time I resigned to putting more effort into hitting hard and in the back of my mind I’m nurturing taking my level 15 2 weapon fighter that I parked in Cannith for challenge grinding, to add ranged to him, since he already had to add more dex for the ranged stuff. (as a sidenote, I’m thinking I’ll stick with only adding stunning blow to him and not improved trip and then manyshot as the powerful secondary burst feature. Stunning blow is cheap enough as far as investment goes since it only needs strength and ‘it’ as a feat compared to improved trip which also need Int and combat expertise).

So here I was sending Korthos minions to whatever downunder type thing they believe in (afterlife wise anyways) with expedience. I had already managed to hit level one eating XP stones from the daily lottery. About a month or so worth of collecting them. One was a 10k one from a very nice roll, but most of them were the silver type in 300’s and stuff.

Say what you want; but I hadn’t run this guy in such a long time that he was still banking 5 hours worth of 30% XP potion from the level cap in the previous life. That’s nice. And that and Elite streak made Korthos into a gold mine followed by Waterworks and Sharn. By then I had hit 5 and was like 60k away from chewing that XP stone. With 1 hour left of the auction I went to bed, woke up the day after (today) and checked the guy who was auctioning it. And can’t you believe it; of course it sold. So here I now sit with a guy I have to level (yeah, I know) to 20 and a truck load of shards for all the hireling hiring that needs to be done.

BTW – the level 5 rogue is about the best one they have out there. It is absolutely the best made one. At level 5 it can easily find level 7 or more traps and that’s because it comes with that 20 second buff to skills. No other one does as far as I know. And that’s really what you want it for anyways. I never understood the whole need for Turbine to create hirelings with ‘abilities’. Sure, some actually try to use it, but it’s far more taxing to micromanage hirelings (that won’t even use them automatically such as cleave, intimidate etc) then to just drop em and use their abilities when needed. Like trap monkey stuff. Just as I don’t get a hireling for its ability to waste its SP or time on critters, I don’t hire rogues to have them sneak around and try to assassinate with them.

Anyways – I recently hit level 6 1 quest short of finishing Tangleroot Gorge. I got there by doing Shan Da Kor after the Sharn Syndicate so basically I’m just doing chains and with 30% XP potion running and Elite streak it’s quickly done. I’m thinking Deleras after this; another quest chain with good XP and it should help my horc hit 7 or even 8. The nice thing about the recent 2nd and 3rd life XP ramp changes is that you can truly do quests once and done and hit 20. Sure, you could do that (somewhat) before, but now it’s definitely true without Elite streaking or doing some specific quests with amazing XP (like a few necro quests). Plus it also allows me to ‘skip’ some heroic content that is also Epic and save that for a EH streak later on. Like Carnival, 3BC, Sentinel, GH etc. I do wish that if you did the heroic streak that it wouldn’t count as having done it for Epic, but in a different way it can be ‘good’ if there’s a particularly hard quest on Epic that is a lot easier to do in heroic.

The nice thing is also that since there are now plenty of heroic Eveningstar quests that fill the level 14-20 gap (technically 15 but there’s always the option to underlevel stuff) I only need to make it past the Lordmarch quests until I hit 14 and then perhaps do the one in the harbor at 15, go over to Eveningstar and even circumventing Web of Chaos completely to save it for Epic and do the other stuff there instead. I like that much better then doing the Mindsunder/whatever stuff.

So while I didn’t get to take the stone, I look forward to seeing some old stuff again. Altho what I don’t look forward to is to dig around in alts backpacks for gear. That stuff gets old quickly.

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