A simple rule with exceptions

I have a simple rule. One. Kinda like people who pull potions of wonders and have to drink them right away. I don’t have that rule, but I do have another. If I pull a hair dye and my toon can use it (that is none warforged) I will. Unless I bought the current hair color or I like it very much (which is usually the same but sometimes I do pull the hair color I’d like to use anyways.

But more often then not I will use it and end up with a lot of funky hair colors. Like for a while a lot of my fleshies ran around with derivative of gray/white/steel hair color, looking like a bunch of old guys. And lately I’ve seen a lot of ‘flamboyant’ colors, like my lavender Swashbuckler and Sage green Horc. Until I went back to his original color before the ER (orange).

As you can see from the featured image he’s back to a more ‘wanted’ color since for a while there he looked like the stormreavers minion with his big green beard. And speaking of looks – the helmet and the armor is glimmered. The armor is from the E Necro pack and the helmet is a random with more matching color. Back in the past life this horc had mutton chops (I LOVE the looks of horcs in mutton chops) and the helmet just didn’t look good on him. And not that I picked this beard because of that but when I was done and checked him out in these cosmetics the beard just bad the entire look that much better.

And speaking of cosmetics. I like the idea of glimmering any type of item. And for that reason I eagerly await when you can do the same to shields and weapons, especially since a lot of high end loot and thunderforged stuff looks terrible. Like the toilet plunger q-staff or the design of the greataxe which they took from the Chronosphere one. In fact I can’t remember seeing any upper end greataxe that looks cool. Not even Antique Greataxe or their like.

But there is one in Lordmarch – the look before you upgrade it. Even the greatsword looks cool like that. Both have that crude, handmade look to them. And both look nice on a horc (incidentally that pack was released together with the half orc so there’s no wonder that the loot looks the part). I even like the bow and the khopesh. But at least the thunderforged khopesh looks nice and I think both the khopesh and the scimitar is taken from the Drow MOTU weapons.

Going back to glimmered unified look (like my horc with his ‘horny’ black helmet and black armor) – I think it would be really cool if Turbine started releasing entire looks. Kinda like Iconics. Not that iconics come with the ‘atypical’ helmet, but with the unique facial looks and the cosmetics it’s possible to look the part. And that’s really what’s missing in this game. A unified look – glimmering offers that somewhat as we can create our own cosmetics regardless of the mixed gear underneath and with weapons and shields added to the mix it’ll be possible to piece together a ‘better’ look and not worry about having to turn off things like helmets just because what you’re wearing looks silly. Plus it also allows you to wear something that would otherwise be impractical.

If you look at some of the design you see a clear reference to several different historical and iconic cultural looks and not just typical fantasy. You see things from Ancient Egypt in the form of that tall helmet, you see tracers of Viking in the helmet with horns and you see the high elf look in some of the stuff – masks, executioners hood etc. But none of them are very practical. Most people will go for a named piece over a random loot that might look nice but splits several different things and becomes more or less worthless.

And that’s naturally true with armor. I for example have always liked the banded mail with Samurai helmet look. And none of them are very practical items. It’s true that most of the banded mail is gone in favor of half plates and that’s sad (because it was a cool look) but as a piece of armor it was more or less useless. And that’s because armor is sorta useless in half measures. Most people either wear robe, docent, pajamas, light or heavy. That’s because medium offers little benefit (more so now with the change in armor up and introduction of a new PRR formula and MRR). In the past banded and even half plate stuff just didn’t add anything useful to people who either looked for max protection or something to wear when evading.

With cosmetics that entire thing is meaningless. Cosmetics is about looks and a unified look just looks cooler.

So I hope turbine will realize just how interesting it would be to combine these 4 different cosmetics slots to a unified looks package. Like either releasing an entire pack of all 3/4 items (shield can be an exception since it’s still not the main average setup) with a distinct and iconic theme. Like Medieval knight, dark wizard (with pointy hat or shiny dome, dark robes and gnarly staff/scepters), Samurai warrior (different choice of color patterns, helmet with demon visor, Naginata/Katana/Yari/Tachi, banden mail), Oriental mystic, South American Inca, Ancient Eqypt, Roman gladiator/centurion, Greek Hoplite etc. Yes, add a few color choices, a few different weapon/shield choices and let people get that iconic look despite what they wear underneath. And cloaks – cloaks would be very nice.

So why these iconic looks? Because not only are some of them absolutely cool (Like Samurai warrior or Medieval man at arm) but it also conveys a kinda of cultural belonging. You’re not just a motley looking warrior or colorful caster. You’re a Oriental Mystic, a German Man at arm with Flamberger or a Samurai warrior with Naginata. Despite actually suing the CITW staff and not what looks like a gnarly walking stick, or the sword of shadows when it’s a long Sweihander or the absolutely cool looking Naginata when it’s the thunderforged toilet plunger.

You’re not just a Monk with a q-staff. You’re a iconic warrior with a iconic weapon. You’re not just a ‘Fighter’. You ARE a knight. Or a mystic, or a dark lord, or a sneaky rogue with highway man mask. Or a Centurion with what looks like a Gladius and a Large round shield. Or a hoplite with a short spear and large round bronse shield.

I’ll buy that for lots of dollars.


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