If you want a crafter, start with training wheels

Back when crafting was first introduced the most ideal class for it was the Arti. Partly because Arti is not feat intense and because you get extra bonuses for being Arti and using the dragonmark – most of what they need they get as part of the class (like rune arm and repeating cross bow) and while it feels like a waste to tie up 3 feats just to add a bonus to the crafting levels it helps getting there sooner. Then it was changed into one feat and the rest enhancements.

Depending on just of enhancement intense your build is, that could actually be worse. For me it was better since adding 2 more feats helped strengthen casting even if I had to juggle around some enhancements. After having enjoyed a bunch of crafting crunches (going through bouts whenever there was an appropriate crafting XP weekend bonus) I’m now fairly high on the scale. So much so that most of the very highest recipes (for bound) can be reached with about 70% chance (without adding any boosts) and there might be some few of the others I can’t. And yes, that means most flexible recipes. That also means no training wheels, no feats, no enhancement points.

The good thing about that is that I could add another few recipes today for my ‘growing’ horc. Consolidating 2 rings into 1. My one ring of Natural Armor +3 with a water breathing augment and my pure protection +5, into a protection +5 ring with a green augment slot and then slot a Natural Armor +4 augment into it (the ring is ML 13 and the augment ML 12). I also created 2 absorb trinkets. Both are ML 3 but the higher up in levels you get you’ll end up doing quests with lots of fire and electric damage. And being able to switch some trinkets around to get some additional protection is nice. Altho I do wish they had a cold and acid recipe as well. With at least 20% if 33 seems too high.

And speaking of 13 – I checked out to see if I had banked anything better than the scavenged warplate with an alchemical armor upgrade. Nope, not heaven the one from Lordmarch. I think they count it as a ‘heavy chainmail’ even if there’s no such animal in the rest of the game. Because the AC is lower then the Warplate. Altho that can be because they did an armor overpass back in the days when they rolled out the new augment system. Some, both lower and higher got augment slots and a AC overpass while others were not touched. And since it’s ML 12 and the Warplate is ML 8 it should be at least on equal footing or slightly higher.

But that’s not the case so I’m still wearing it while I wait for 14 and the black dragon plate instead. Or maybe the VoD armor. Who knows. I usually pick the best utility and not always the best AC. And having 10% armor piercing and a 10% melee damage boost seems a little better than a few points of AC.

I honestly wished I could craft something better instead but armor suffers from something different when it comes to lootgen with augment slots (compared to say rings with augment slots) and that is they come with a minimum level. I think it has to do with the type of material which has to do with the DR of the armor (in other words the PRR and MRR). So many times you might pull a level 27 ring with a green augment slot and after disjunction its a level 5 (due to the augment) but a high level armor usually means over 20 anyways even if you prepare it for crafting. pajamases seems different tho since there’s no inherent AC or PRR.

But if you’re like me and have one of those old plates with adamantium on it you got those low ML 1 and 2 with a 3/- DR and that is gold worth. Not so much with higher levels but early on it’s a life saver.


2 thoughts on “If you want a crafter, start with training wheels

  1. erdrique

    I agree, Cannith Crafting is great at the heroic levels, at least through level 16 for me. I have Erdrique up to the 90s in his crafting schools and am slowly making it higher.


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