Time to glammer shields

The latest patch adds docents and shields to mirror of glammering. Weapons are still on hold as they try to fix the issues with particle effects. But I can finally remove the scrutty look of the purple knight shield from haunted halls and replace it with something a little bit more impressive. If you haven’t see it the purple knight shield is sorta bugged graphically with the hand sticking through it and the size of it makes it look like a toy shield instead of one of the best tower shields. It got sovereign vorpal for pete sakes – and I assume because of either weight or some pointy stuff, but the shield looks like it couldn’t even knock the training dummy over.
So I took a look at all the different named shields and the only ones that struck me as uniquelly badass are the heroic shield of legends. ML 14 out of Necro 4. It used to be that you could only get the pieces out of the optional side quest in the quests, but they later on added it to the rare in the explorer area. It’s still a pain to collect all of the pieces but it can be sold on the AH.
Most of the shields are pretty good, but the one I really like, Deaths Door is all that what it’s cracked out to be (by the look) for heroic use. On the other hand, Talon, is a great Vanguard shield but not the best look. Not bad mind you, but there are so many other shields to pick from.
I almost wish they sold the cosmetics on their own. Make them or buy them. Cheaper to glammer, but possible to buy for a little bit more. That would be perfect and I wouldn’t have to waste all those shield pieces on something I probably won’t use but like the look of. Now I do have one – at that time it was the best shield for me. That was back when using tower shield wasn’t the preferred to use so I picket out a large shield that combines a lot of good features.
I like the look of adherence. Nice and bulky. Just like Skyvault. But it’s a little bit more than I’d like and the shield is not that good.
I own Arrondi but the look is not as cool. I really don’t see ‘sovereign vorpal’ in the design.
Bijio is interesting and colorful. A little plain in the shape but cool with the runes. But the shield is more for a healer type. Altho it could be nice for a self healing Pally.
I like Fanion but it’s not all that good for a melee.
Death’s Door has a unique look to it, but the shield itself is okay but not very useful for a melee. Sorrel looks great and it’s not a terrible shield, but with todays random stuff, augments and such you can certainly find better and earlier than protection +5.
Lastly Talon. Great shield for Vanguard, but it’s sorta small. I’d like something a little bigger and bulkier and this is not the perfect look.
But as I currently look for the final shield piece (3) I decided to at least glammer something (random) just to replace the look of the purple knight shield. So I found an okay looking heavy shield for now (main picture). It’ll do until I find the final piece and decide what type of look I’d like going forward. The final thing will of course be weapons. I’m not entire sure what I’m looking for yet, but I’m tired of the thunderforged look. It’s not a bad shape of the sword but the particle effect is terrible.


2 thoughts on “Time to glammer shields

  1. erdrique

    I can see them adding some shield skins to the DDO Store. I think it would be pretty cool to have the ability to create your own crest or seal to put on them, but don’t see that coming out anytime soon.


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