Luck, zero shards worth

Earlier on Sunday my Pally hit 20 – doing 5-6 runs in a row without one single dropping (for anyone). That’s the same experience I had with my tank. 20 runs, 1 item dropping (for someone else) and lots of raid bypass timers used.

Both my Pally and tank ended up with Litany – apparently those +2 ability points are great to have, plus the profane damage isn’t all that bad either. To be honest I could do with something else on my Pally but then I might not always play him as a Pally so the taint of Evil might not be the issue then.

In fact most of my weekend felt very unproductive (other then finally hitting 20 with my fighter). In trying to get the seal and the shard for Deneith Heavy Chain I ran tons of sentinel quest and I finally pulled a seal after I don’t know how many shards wasted. No shard yet so I’m debating if I shouldn’t just continue level and worry about that in a different cycle.

And the +2 loot felt like a waste. In the past I’ve had luck and pulled some tomes and potions during these loot runs. This time around it was mostly garbage. Nothing special dropped at all and it’s clear that the change in loot tables have made potions and such very rare. So rare that you’re better off buying the stuff, which is of course the reason.

But then things turned 180 on me. Later on Sunday evening I ended up running a few MoD on my sorc. They were messy but doable and unlike running around smiting things with a Pally, struggling with quells and anti magic on a sorc is not much fun. At the most I ran in circles jumping around avoiding mark of deaths. But come cashout time both times were really productive. On the first run someone pulled the ardent and put it up for roll. I won that one. Sure, it’s a necklace with 30% heal amp and it’s not really the best for a sorc, but I didn’t have any good necklace for my sorc (waiting for the noxious ember) so it would come to use.

The second time; an equally miserable experience but finished successfully had me pull the Litany. One of the items I was really looking for. So now I only need to hit 20 and pick the ember and be done with it for my Sorc. So even if the weekend was a loss over all at least my Sorc could retire the Sunday with some additional and useful bling.


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