A brief non game related message followed by new cosmetic shield

It’s your civic duty. I don’t care if you don’t see an ideal candidate, the line is long and you’re busy doing stuff. Ideally you’d vote early if you can. But if you can’t, then vote. Voting is a unique privilege. Sure, our body politics is an entrenched mess fueled by big money, but voting is something the candidate with the most big donors fear and something small local candidates need. I don’t care what you vote for, but you should. People all around the world die for the right to determine their own future and history is a long sordid mess of people dying for it. The least our latte generation can do is to vote. One day, a short interruption of our carefree life and then on with it like nothing every happened.

I don’t write about politics here because I like to keep my entertainment separate from my ideals. But I humbly ask that if you didn’t plan to vote, you do. Because as little as we care for it (and god knows we have good reasons looking at the current squabbling pack) it’s something our ancestors fought dearly for. And it’s something that define democracy more than anything else. Forget all the corny simplistic notions of ‘freedom’. Forget the hand wrangling, the flag waving and all that. Remember that even if you don’t think your vote count it does. If not to show the rest of the world that we care. We care about our civic duty. And it also shows the cynical game to limit our right to vote to a privileged few that we want it and we’re ready to mantle that duty.

So never mind if people tell you that ‘you don’t know the issues’. That doesn’t matter. Voting was never a measure of ‘issues’ – it was always about representation. Not perfect representation mind you, but represented by someone from your own ranks. This is far from other nations authoritarian rule. Yes we squabble. But we have the right to squabble. There are those that don’t. Whatever arbitrary rule of the day is what they’re forced to live under. So while our democracy don’t like all that good and we get frustrated by the inertia. We at least have choices – limited and not always that good. Others have those choices made for them. Things that are not a consensus of regular folks, but a small clique of sheltered elites.

Anyways – vote. Please don’t leave comments about political views and all that. I really don’t care what you vote for as long as both of us at least share the importance of our civil duty. Voting and politics is not about who’s right. It’s just about who got the helm and where we want to go.

So to leave on a less ‘real life’ note. I finally got my hands on the last shield piece and after much deliberation I picked the shield in the picture. It’s actually not all that good compared to say Talon but it’s only for mirroring anyways. So now it looks like my tank is using a more impressive shield, instead of the small purple knight.


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