There are many ways to farm – like challenges. 50% mat bonus is a strong incentive, except for this little thing called ‘borked hirelings’. It’s well enough when I did some Eveningstar challenges with my now level 21 Horc, but it’s still a terrible way to do challenges. Under normal circumstances I’ll barely break 150 per run, despite being under level. And that’s because the 2 in the Eveningstar cavern are terrible for mats. But with 50% I could at least pull about 300-400 per run. Not astounding (compared to the Enchanted grove one I did later on and hit 1000 mat).

You can also do some of the Cannith ones; particularly the palace ones. On one run I hit over a thousand so that was a sweet pull, but as I tried to do others where you leave some hirelings to guard the homebase, they end up running all over the place and get stuck further away from home. So in other words – not so good. I did want to farm most of them – maybe 1-2 runs each but I gave up on that idea after a few micromanaging chaotic ones where they ran off and I had to go back and get them to guard the homebase again. Just to see them run off again.

At least I managed to get enough mats for the Cloak of the Bear – an okay ML 24 item. That one is going to my tank for when he ER. I always wanted the cloak for one of my guys and I managed to pull enough wins out of the bag to get it all done.

The other farming event was doing Mark of Death over and over. 10 times on my Sorc. I didn’t get lucky and pull another item but at 20 I got the Ember so now I’m done with him. I got both the good stuff so I’m onto getting the runearm for the Arti. And with him I got in 3-4 more runs until I got tired and dropped out. Of course I pulled the ring on my last run. What else – and I put it up for roll since I just don’t see any use of it on an arti. It would be nice to pull the necklace or the trinket (or for that matter the runearm) but I’ll settle for the runarm if that’s the only thing I manage to pull.

BTW, having pulled the Ember I’m half tempted to go fire savant. I don’t know why but I’m sorta tempted. Especially with so many items boosting fire out there. I said tempted; it’s still a pain in the you know what to respecc and start looking for more items but I’m wondering if it’s a potent setup for most of the high end stuff.


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