Crappy games

I told you about Dungeon Keeper. For a bit it was cheating and stupid, then it got better as another studio took over and now it’s shitty again. The computer cheats and you’re not even present when other teams ransack your dungeon (easily). It’s simply terrible design with no control over the idiotic pvp aspect of it.
But I just came across another one that I bought for 60 bucks and got so infernally tired of after playing just about 20 minutes.

The Evil Within on PS4.

I hate button clicking games. Timing, button clicking. You’re not interacting, you’re simply moving, clicking, moving clicking. It’s obnoxious in action games like Call of Duty but it’s not constant. It’s those particular action scenes where things goes in slomo and you have to click specific button in time.
The Evil Within as a game is all that.

Move, click, peril, click, click, crawl, click, move, peril, die, repeat, die, repeat, click button etc. You’re simply limited to pattern learning and playing the game exactly like the game wants it played. No skill, just following the pattern and click the right button.

After 20 minutes and dying once more, this time limp because of course the bad guy caught up to me and hurt the leg. So my guy, without gun, just limps around. He also can’t imagine picking up a weapons. Strike that, you start out picking up a knife so you can cut yourself down. THEN the knife is gone. Apparently everything you do pick up disintegrate after one action. Like knifes and a whole keychain of keys.

The graphics seems okay, the characters seems okay but you have absolutely no control over your own actions. And therefore the game is completely worthless. I’ve mentioned this before but once you can’t control something and it’s all chaos the mechanics are just rotten. It’s a complete waste of time doing something you can’t control.

A challenge, or for that matter, using skills is about control. A game completely void of control is like a movie, except the consequence of going off script is death and repeat. Following the prompts is about as exciting and interesting as watching a bad movie, but at least a bad movie doesn’t end and repeats itself if you fail to watch. Bad games do.

So that was 20 minutes and 60 bucks wasted. I doubt I will ever finish it. That’s just how bored I got from it.


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