It looks like the early planned content is now definitely put on the back burner. As is the level cap increase. As both 24 and 25 is more or less fleshed out and 24 is about to hit Lam and with 25 planned as far as time it’ll take to get it out. 25 btw brings Temple of Elemental Evil.

Personally I never played it. In fact I haven’t played most of the iconic modules and that’s because back in my pen and paper days we as a group consumed copious amount of pretty much everything else compared to DnD. Like Warhammer fantasy rollplay (a pen and paper version of the famous tabletop game). Or Traveler. Or a lot of different smaller and larger pen and paper games, but never specifically DnD. Not that we didn’t play ANY, in fact our group famously won several CONS even in DnD (not bad for a bunch of kids only interested in the rollplaying aspect).

But enough about the good old late 80’s and early 90’s. I did play the computer game (see picture). I liked it. Altho to be honest the ending was anti climactic. You half expected it to continue from there and lead to something BIG, but instead if was like ‘over?’.

24 is a continuation and perhaps even end of the Xoriat quest arc. Sounds like fun. I think those quests are perhaps the most interesting and quirkiest in DDO. Plenty of flavor and character. And lets hope they’re just as good as the other ones. There’s also a free quest based on the current high end quest arc. Something about finding a dragon mask. So lots of content (along with the Barbarian revamp).


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