Off the MoD train wreck and back into ER

My sorc hit is 20th run, took the necklace and moved on. I even re-specced as a fire savant since so much of the Necro gear boosts fire. And it was a dud. Not a giant dud, but dud nonetheless. Somehow I’ve just gotten used to acid and the fact that acid works in almost all cases, plus trying to break evocation DR is a pain (not that conjuration is a walk int the park either). So I ER’d, found a bunch of good stuff and made the docent of the diabolist. Not a bad armor if you ask me.

The downside is that I’m about tapped out on slayer and meaningful explorer in most wilderness. And without options for streak that bonus XP ain’t happening. I might just have to TR to reset that and I’m half tempted to just do a Wiz or two and drop back into TRing until I got all of that. Or maybe not. TRing and ERing isn’t really all that fun to be honest but with so many newish raids being dead already it’s hard to find much to do at cap.


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