I’d like to post, but what’s the point if I can’t play?

I did get some play in this weekend; a level here and there on my sorc. Until Sunday. The server stability was close to unplayable at times. And since then I haven’t really played at all. And that’s because I can’t log in. And unlike others I’m not going to sit there and keep trying for an hour. I always have other games, both MMO and solo ones.

I also tried to do a Lam run, but after getting in everything stopped working. I tried to tele to the House of K bank and got stuck in a loadscreen. I jumped out, logged in again and it was stuck trying to load. Until timing out. And that was it.

Truth be told, I don’t want to check the quests out anyways. I really want to save that for when it goes live. I like to explore and that first time feel of ‘new’. And doing Lam usually kills it for me. But I do like to see what new toys comes in the new pack and I must say I’m sorta meh about it. Don’t get me wrong; some of the items are not bad – and I’d say very powerful for the level. But this is the third pack in the Xoriat series and none of the items have the same feel as the previous heroic ones. And that’s a pity. Plus the items are sorta in ‘niche build’ territory. The staff is clearly ideal for a staff fighter/monk build. Which I might add is not legio. It’s hard to tell if it’s better than the CITW one or on par with thunderforged.
The armor with +4 Int is very niche. It’s hard to motivate taking that over say thunderforged. Plus as int builds I can only think of a good fit with a rogue int for damage type, not so much a caster who is better served by thunderforged or draconscale.
The Orb is okay; a mix between the ring and libram from haunted halls – if you’re looking for ‘the best of’ edition of those two items. Granted you pull the Mythic version of course. The goggles are okay, but again – niche. And not niche like on Xoriat good and bad niche. But just plain niche. There’s nothing particularly special with these items. And since they don’t have that Xoriat ‘heres a nice feature followed by a typical Xoriat flavored negative’ they’re entirely forgettable at level 26 and fills an even shorter level gap than say CITW gear does vs when you can finally use Necro and thunderforged.

Plus the rune arm is garbage. It lacks the flavor (as mentioned now several times) and it’s a lightbased one, level 26 with nothing special on it. First, spiral firing patters are notoriously hard to hit with. Less so than directfire electric based such as Toven’s and the one from E3BC. Second – it’s light. Just as with the better acid based rune arms Arti’s can’t boost the crit or spell power (through enhancements anyways) of light. So at best they can add either an augment or item (and there’s no self respecting Arti that’ll waste an augment slot or item slot on adding radiance). This is even less effective then trying to make acid viable (because at least acid shots are auto tracking).

I can’t wait until I have the MoD rune arm; it boosts force (well supported by Arti enhancement tree) and the damage is untyped. Now THAT is a good rune arm.

Light based isn’t even niche enough to use and I can’t think of any type of critters where I’d use that and the benefit of ‘ghostly’ that it imbues your main weapon with in order to replace my current force based or the MoD with it. Again, it’s a failure to create a compelling reason to even use it.

And lets face it; itemization is a large part of MMO, much more important then the scratch and sniff face that lasts perhaps 1 or 2 runs of a pack. After that you’ll do it to pull items or get XP. Now the benefit of being a VIP is that I can play all this content but this pack smells like Turbine dropped the ball on making it enticing enough for premium players.


3 thoughts on “I’d like to post, but what’s the point if I can’t play?

  1. erdrique

    The rune arm does seem a little off,not sure why you would put on a damage type that can’t be boosted by the Artificer’s natural enhancements..unless somebody is planning on making some type of cleric/artificer mix.

  2. Tholgrin

    The light spirals aren’t just notoriously hard to hit with, they’re borderline broken. If you aren’t hard targeted and don’t have your camera lined up just right, plan on them all hitting the walls or floor. Blergh.


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