My arti says, yes

I’m not going to waste anyone reading this to regurgitate the point I’ve made about MoD but I spent this weekend shaving off 9 runs on my Arti for the 20th and hit it just as I was ransacked. As a result, it is now the proud owner of Knives Eternal.

Last time I tried it out I was rummaging around on Lam, a month or so before Update 23 popped. I wasn’t afraid of spoiling things for myself since I had already played the quests. Naturally since you could check out the new items for yourself, I tried them out on many different toons, and I was sold on the rune arm from the first time.

True, it suffers the one thing that all rune arms since to suffer and that is giving the target a ‘save’ so they can possible evade it. That’s unfortunate but it’s the basic reality of playing Arti’s in DDO. However unlike most of them Knives Eternal ‘auto’ targets critters (like force and acid) but follows it’s own distinct fire pattern.

If you’ve played around with Arti’s and rune arms you know that there are several distinct fire patters but up until Knives Eternal only 2 rune arms that auto targets (meaning the shots follow the creature you’re shooting at.

You have the electric sphere’s from Toven’s Hammer and the one out of E3BC. You have bolts firing in a line like the cold based ones, or single fireball shots like with Animus. Only acid and force (at least until now) fired up to 5 shots (for the higher end rune arms, fewer dependent on charge level for the lower end).
The force and acid fires in a wide arm. Usually 1 shot forward and each other one wider out. So as I’ve mentioned before some of the shots will hit walls and obstructions. But it’s a far better solution than direct fire rune arms with the notoriously wonky line of fire problems, where shots can simply go bonkers and fire straight up or hit tiny obstructions within line of sights that eats all shots when they would definitely go above them if it wasn’t for the broken line of sight system.

Knives Eternal fires it’s shot in a slow staggered pattern with a much ‘smaller’ arc. Instead of firing ALL shots, like with acid in a parallel wide pattern, Knives Eternal fires them 2-3 at the time until full charge (5 or so I believe). They’re also auto targeting. Altho slow they’ll follow creaters you target until hit. Finally, the knives will hit a target and start flying around in a circle, potentially hitting others nearby, sort of like a circle of flying daggers.

The nice thing is that it’s all untyped damage (which is boosted by force, so this rune arm works like a charm with an Arti’s enhancement boost). Both the imbue and the shots are untyped, with the rune arm boosting impulse spell power and spell lore. Combining everything an Arti need spell power wise (for a majority of it’s spells) in one singe item.

It also comes with 10% chance to add more piercing damage per shot and a 5% guard effect of massive piercing damage, making this the type of weapon that adds a massive boost in very Arti centered damage.

As a result I’ve seen rune arm crits in the upper 1k, many times ranging between 1200-1800 in untyped damage. And since there’s nothing in the game that lowers untyped damage (like spell power specific resistance unless you’re talking about a straight blank DR) most creatures will take a massive amount of damage from it.

In fact I ran an entire chain on EH just to see if I could notice a different between it and the Archaic Device (hitting for slightly below 1k in most cases) and the speed of how I could bring down bosses were staggering (of course hitting for 1500+ per crit shot will do that).

All in all, I’d love to continue running MoD for the necklace and the trinket, but at the moment I got everything I need in that rune arm. It us truly a massive improvement of all other Epic rune arms and well worth the use.

(BTW, the featured image shows the knives after firing, it’s a fairly slow patters, so much so that the rune arm doesn’t even show a discharge anymore since I waited for most of the shots to leave the rune arm but you can see that the arch is must more narrow than an acid or force)


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