Long weekend, and more experiments

The concept of a fighter pally is certainly not new and I’m sure it’s not new combining a Purple Knight fighter and Pally, but that’s what I did and also combining it with some vanguard for those delicious procs and shield bashing.

This was obviously done to take advantage of the purple Knights ability to use Charisma instead of strength and to take advantage of the Pally enhancement cleaves instead of the feats. Early equipment was the level 15 (normal) Wall of Wood and the bastard sword from Shadowfell, later to be replaced with the bastard sword from Web of Chaos. I also made a Heavy Black dragon armor that adds a little armor piercing and some other goodies, a much better armor then the purple knight starting armor.

There are of course a host of other good armor, but this struck me as the easiest for me to get, especially starting out at level 15.

I’m currently only using 1 single tactical feat, stunning shield. It’s slow with a longer cooldown and I hope to be able to also adding stuffing blow. Especially since there are a lot of boosts both in the Fighter trees and the pally to stuns. The downside is that unlike stunning shield, stunning blow is based on strength. Stunning shield use whatever the highest stat is (in this case Charisma). That makes the slower stunning shield the most effective one with stunning blow occasionally useful.

(Note, the image shows mirrored Helmet, armor and shield)


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