Update 24 (introduction to a 2 part review)

I have now played update 24 enough to form a solid opinion. One that I didn’t spoil this time by playing it on lam.

I could make this a 3 part review, 1 part being the new Barbarian enhancements but I have to confess I’ve never played a Barbarian. By the time I was going to create one the whole MOTU thing was rolled out and self sufficient was the name of the game. And once the epic levels increased to 28 Barbarians as a class was left way behind; the truth is that their ‘demise’ was a combination of not being gods of DPS anymore and the end of dedicated healers, with the rise of the self sufficient melee (using things like cocoon).

I’ll probably revisit Barbarian when I have a chance, since I’m considering taking one of my old melee and TRing him into a Barbarian, just to get an idea of how good the changes are.

Anyways – time to talk about Update 24, split into a review of the quests and one about Champions – because both subjects deserve their own specific arguments for an against.

Lets start with the packs quests; Heart of Madness being 3 specific quests (ML 26) for 450 TP and The Mask of Deception and F2P level 30 quest out of Eveningstar.

BTW – added in update 24 is the new mirror of glimmering that now includes weapons and a aura thingy that can provide a new weapon effect to weapons. The one in the picture is my new pally/fighter with all cosmetic helmet, shield, weapon and armor. Armor being Epic Emerald Guard, Epic Emerald Gaze, Tower Shield Adherence and Petrifying Hooked blade with the enhanced flames Aura.

The armor and helmet are from Update 23 E Necro, the Tower Shield from Shield of Legends – a turn in from Heroic wilderness rare and quests which requires 8 different pieces and the Petrifying Hooked Blade is the upgraded version of the kophesh from the Lordmarch series of quests, one chain F2P and the other P2P. Excellent quests and a bunch of cool looking weapons.

I’m currently using (for reals) some low level helmet, the actual Emerald Guard armor, the purple knight tower shield and a tier 2 thunderforged bastard sword.


2 thoughts on “Update 24 (introduction to a 2 part review)

  1. erdrique

    I haven’t had a chance yet to check out the new quests. The heroic versions are actually within that level range where I’m void of characters right and I don’t have anybody high enough in the epic levels to hit them up yet. But they do sound interesting.


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