The year to come

So we lay 2014 to rest and Turbine is announcing what is set going forward (set as in, what they hope to do) via the Producer’s letter.
The gist of it is Temple of Elemental Evil with one large temple ground and 1 quest (BIG!). We can also look forward to Epic Shroud and a whole new quest pack for Shavarath (no news about a possible associated raid). What’s clear is that Vale is getting a bunch of re-vamped quests and Shroud remains the same but with a different/added ending. No words if Epic GS means items and weapons, if we’re upgrading existing stuff or if we’re talking weapons only etc. Whatever is the case, I’m excited because it is/was the best dang system they ever made.

We’re also getting the final 2 levels, with a cap of 30. I’m ambivalent about this. I don’t see a need for more player power and perhaps more than anything just hitting 6.6 mill XP is quote a big step, adding what will most likely be upwards to 10 for the final 30 seems harsh. Especially when it comes to Epic Reincarnation.

For me, other than maybe increase in level cap, this all sounds great. New quests and a re-vamp of the best pack bar non. True – Epic GS will most likely be upper Epics, if not 30. And that’s pity since Heroic GS is right there at 11 and 12, adding needed gear for hitting 20.

Epic GS at 22 would be super great for Epic Reincarnation but would ruin every single pack released so far (for Epic). So yes, it’s understandable that it will be high end instead but a pity nonetheless. And lets hope we get a moratorium on Epic new raids for 3-4 months when they’re first released. No raid bypasses until at least the next pack. I get the urge to just run until you have everything, but it is destroying the longevity.

Here’s an idea; since they are adding ‘Champion mysterious fragments’ they should add champions to the raids (all epic anyways) and those Greater fragments can only be used for raid specific rewards. Rewards that like the new system changes from time to time so there will always be a reason to continue running these raids. And make the level of greater shards depend on the level of the Raid.

So if you run say Chrono on Elite you get 1 greater for hard and 2 for Elite x 1, and if you do EE MoD you get 2 x 10 (1-10 dependent on the level of the raid.

These shards, dependent on how many you have can be traded for many unique things, things that can alternate dependent on the season or even provide a buff. The entire idea is to make people run all sort of raids again and add back some longevity.


3 thoughts on “The year to come

  1. erdrique

    I’m curious to see how the epic greensteel stuff will work out and I’m also curious about these “mysterious fragments”. I wonder what we will be able to get with them.

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