WoT, personal missions

Just as there are new features added to DDO (Champions etc) WoT (World of Tanks) are adding personal mission.

Personal mission work as following, you complete a set of mission for specific tanks (such as light, medium, heavy, TD and arty) and once you have done all the mission (seems to be 15 or so each) you can get a free special premium tank. A tank you can’t buy from the store. Some are easier than others, but it’s clear that some of the missions proposed are wonky.

Now I’ve played WoT from the time it was released and when I look at the conditions I see several things; first some are absurd and once in a blue moon events – barely repeatable and certainly not something a better player does. The idea (at least originally) was to help players develop a certain behavior by allowing them to do mission a specific way in order to practice good tactics with specific vehicles. Like spotting and scouting with light tanks, sniping with TDs, flanking with Mediums and block damage with heavies.

Only one problem – most of these are made pointless by the over use of premium ammo and wonky spotting. It’s not that I presumptuous in that you can’t do them; it’s just that with the broken mechanics and reality of easy use of premium ammo, there are some of the conditions that are almost impossible to meet. In one match. Not just over several matches but in one single match.

Now some of it is just a matter of practice – such as being a top XP earner. That mission with several parts goes from being among the 10 top earners (out of 15 on each side) down to being the top earner on BOTH teams. This is doable. Good players know how to be among the best. Being top in both is a challenge but not impossible for good players. Except for the fact that this is the light tank category. That’s right – you have to be the top earner on both sides (and this is mission 1 btw) in a light tank.

This is mission 14, light tank (must be a tier 4+ vehicle but if you’re going to win top XP you better be a much better light tank)

Main – Finish the battle as the top player on both teams by experience earned. Survive the battle. Damage received must not exceed 10% of your vehicle’s HP

Let me explain this. Not only do you have to be top player as far as experience earned (in a light tank), survive the battle, but you can’t receive more than 10% damage. In most cases light tanks will get damaged in just one hit for about a third or more of their HP. 10% is hit maybe through collision or by a smaller caliber enemy light. It’s ‘doable’ but we’re talking about something that happen by chance – and it’s a frustrating goal to achieve trying to actually get it done.

But that’s not really the worst mission or requirements. There are some that require you to platoon. Granted, this is a social game, but you’re already automatically socializing by joining a 15 tank team against 15 others. You can’t ‘solo’ this game anyways. And adding a lot of conditions where you have to platoon with someone makes some of the goals hard to obtain. I get that it’s nice to platoon, but making it a requirement sets a large portion that rather not (for many reasons – mine is a question of timing and finding someone reliable because quite frankly for every 1 good player there are 10 really bad and the ones asking to platoon are generally not all that good).

Are these goals impossible? No, they’re not, but some are not realistic and by limiting how you do them, in what order and also including once in a blue moon effects, you destroy perhaps one of the most important part – team play. Here’s the main truth; anytime you add ‘personal mission’ to be done as 15 players you’ll end up ‘competing’ against your team for the goals.

If there was this thing called ‘kill stealing’ before – something I personally don’t care about since killing a tank and profiting is more important than who did the killing, now it’s a condition of playing the game. A lot of the mission are of the type do so much damage, destroy so many tanks, spot and survive those and earn top XP. You will most likely achieve that by sniping and destroying as many before anyone else can.

That will soon become the anthetesis of cooperate play as everyone trying these out will want to be the ones dishing out all the damage, all the kills, all the spots and all the top XP. And it’ll rub a lot of players the wrong way when you’re that heavy trying to get your kill x goal filled and a quicker tanks swoops in destroys the last 10 HP of the enemy obliterating your goal just to gain his/hers.

If there’s a better way to make everyone care for their own and nothing for the team, this is the best way to do it.

And how can I be sure this is the case?

There are events where WG based players join teams, hunt the devs, type events. And if you kill an enemy opponent who is a dev tank you get 250 gold. People do the silliest things to be the ones killing them, including ditching good cover and safety just to be the last person who nails them. THAT is largely the effect of those events and having the equivalent of this as personal missions are a bad way to build team play.

True, these are all free to do, it won’t cost you anything other than the effort to do them; but that also means the rest of the team that have no interest in trying will have to suffer the players who does. And PUGs are bad enough just to see a bunch of unicums behaving badly.

We’ll see how they all turn out but I do wonder if these were really that thought through after all.


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