Personal Missions, part 2.

Since I haven’t had the chance to play much DDO, partly because of ‘stuff’ but mostly because of the now hot fixed bug – I have played a new game, War Thunder and another, World of Tanks more. And since released personal missions I tried a few and realized pretty quickly that the concept is simply illogical.

First – each type of tank – light, medium, heavy and artillery (called SPG or self propelled gun) have 15 missions they have to completely consecutively. In other words, you can pick up and finish mission 2 of each vehicle until you do mission one etc. And while it ‘almost’ make sense it falls into the idiocy that we find in DDO chains like Tangleroot. Meaning you go into one room, kill X, then go back to do next, and back to do next instead of like with other chains you continue from that point onward. In WoT you end up with similar missions. Like mission one as light – be among the first 10 in XP gained with a secondary goal of surviving. Mission 14 is similar to mission one, but you have to be top earner.

So what it means is that if you’re on mission 1 and you happen to be the top earner you just wasted that rare occassion when a light tank is actually the top earner. And you can’t do that until mission 14. In other words, any time in between x mission and 14 that you happened to have a great run it’s entirely wasted until you’re stuck for god who knows how long trying to actually do it once you can unlock mission 14.

It would be a lot smarter however and less silly repetitive if you could take ALL mission but only earn the benefit of one. So if you have a particularly great run both spotting stuff AND getting XP, you can decide if you want to finish the best spotting mission or the best XP earning mission instead.

See, this type of mission behavior makes people drop all of the other stuff needed for team play just to satisfy that one mission they’re on. And that might teach you about specific behavior for the mission alone, but it also puts you in competition with other team mates which only leads to grief. This becomes especially noticeable in the meds and heavies one where a lot of the mission has to do with destroying tanks and doing damage – putting you in competition with everyone else doing the same. It also exposes you to the risk of that behavior. Especially when premium ammo makes that aggressive must kill/damage behavior a liability. In other words; the expressed mission are the antithesis of good team building (tho the word is personal missions so that’s a dead give away) but also due to the way you have to complete one mission in order to go to next, you don’t even have an alternative to fall back to if someone else shank your ability to finish it.

In many mission you’ll find that there are 2-3 tanks of the same type, so you know that as a light you’ll see some dash off right away to finish their missions leaving anyone who want to PLAY like a light according to the need of the situation will fail. Ergo, by being able to unlock ALL missions and finish the ones you meet, as suppose to unlock them in order you’d avoid the trap of egoistic behavior that is a plague now and will get worse as people try to do missions.


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