Shh, don’t tell anyone

I don’t mind Champions. It’s easy to forget in our black and white ‘words matter’ world, where induvidual words mean more than actual context, that I’ve never objected against the idea of Champions.

In fact I think I always add something similar too ‘the idea is interesting’ as a caveat. Partly because I see Champions as an interesting addition to higher difficulty but object to the fact that in most cases it doesn’t add a higher difficulty, just spikes in arbitrary events. None which adds ‘WOW that was cool’ and more ‘What just happened?’. But I still think it can be interested.

So far my main complaints is that they’re either too arbitrary or inconsequential. It’s silly to have champion black puddings but never object to orange named champions (which should be champions to begin with). And up until recently there was no real reason to fight these. That the entire process felt unrewarding. That is, until the latest updates/patches that adds mystic fragments and turn in for unique rewards.

But ultimately I’m a loot whore. I know that the word is not nice, but I don’t find any reason to PC it when I know that I’m a complete sell out for the idea of opening chests. But if we step away from ‘that word’ and focus on specifics – I really like Haunted Halls. I liked it before; but now on EH it’s FUN. Sure, I end up walking away with 60k worth of vendor trash, but seeing those 5-6 chests float around waiting to be open fills me with happy feelings.

And it’s everywhere. First when you enter the quest there’s a hidden room with 4 or 5 orange named casters. All of whom can be champions. Terrific. Then there are the orange named casters in the undead area. Nice. Sure, it gets hairy with waves of zombies but despite that I usually get about 3-4 chests out of it. The Kobold area is not as ‘giving’ but there is at least one chest there.

Then there’s the main throne room with 6-7 of those armored horrors. All of whom are orange named and you get about 2-3 chests there. If you do the extended there will be a room to the side of the throne room with 3 horrors and 2 casters I think. All which are orange named.

Now I sometimes do the side bosses. But generally only the Mummy. And only because it’s waves after waves of orange named skellies that pop up to help the boss and you’ll get about 4-5 chests out of it in the end.

I prefer to do this on my Arti. Partly because there are hidden doors to find and stuff but also because he has unlimited ‘beat you up’ hurt through his rune arm (from the Mark of Death Raid). But you can easily do this with say a caster for overall DPS and why not a trusted Pally if you can find all the relevant door and hidden openings.

The few areas I avoid and certainly not because I can’t do them are the huge skellie boss, the electric statue boss and the end dragon. These are LONG undertakings and especially for my non evasive arty. First off it’s almost impossible for your hirelings to take agro with the skellie boss on EH. You can do it on normal, but then you won’t run into champions. And if you can’t have your hirelings take agro you can’t pull the spear.

I also don’t do the statue. It takes forever. Even with 1k hits with run arm and 3-6k hits with ruin. Because between each hit you need to let the electric stack run out as you run in circles avoiding combat. Last time it took 30 minutes. So boring.

And it’s the same issue with the dragon; just hectic tho. It’ll chase you, slap you down and mangle you silly – while knocking things over and releasing more stuff to hurt. Now both the statue and the end dragon have the best items in their chests. The dragon can have any of them and the statue has the necklace with +4 insightful CON and DEX. But I just can’t stomach spending 1.30 in a quest just for a few more quests and a pathetic chance to pull that item.

Anyways, I do wish Turbine could add a few more things to the loot list tho. You used to be able to get tomes and stuff but it’s so infrequent now that you think they really adjusted those drop rates considering this is probably the most profitable area in their store. And that’s unfortunate. And who knows, maybe one day I will have so many fragments that if they do add something interesting I might even be able to get it.


4 thoughts on “Shh, don’t tell anyone

  1. Tholgrin

    My only complaint has been those with fortification bypass AND adrenaline. Those are TPK machines.. but they do serve their purpose and keep you on your toes.

    As for the fragments.. I only wish those eternal flasks had been available for longer :-/ gathering ten thousand in the short while they had been available was a tall order.

  2. geoffhanna

    I don’t have any complaint with Champions. I like them. I don’t care how badass they are. And the rewards will be back so although I was nowhere close to 10000 for this set of rewards, I might be for the next set.

  3. erdrique

    Yeah, I don’t really have much of an issue with the champions either. I have come across a few that were extremely tough but overall they really haven’t effected me or my playstyle too much. If anything, I’m slightly more cautious.


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