Hitting 20, just in time for the extended weekend to end

I was sick as a dog, starting with a scratchy throat on Friday and ended on Monday sneezing, coughing and running through one tissue after another. But I had my goal set on IR my current Purple knight 2 Fighter/18 Pally to the 2 Pally/18 Fighter Bladeforged.

Mind you; I like the Purple Knight setup with all Charisma damage. It worked fine. But in a world of Champions and a good solid need for tactical feats (when you don’t group you solo, and if you solo then sometimes it’s better to use tactical feats than maximum DPS and be real squishy).

My first chain was Gianthold; all of it including TOR (except the maze one – yes I know that the really good players knows how to solo it but I don’t have time nor interest in learning it).

It’s good XP, fairly quick runs and nothing that caused a lot of consternation. I did do a few other quests here and there but the 2nd full chain was Vale. All of the quests. On Elite.

Dust was the most hair raising. Partly because I was using the level 18 sorc hireling for it’s FoD (yes, I decided to use a hirelings ability hoping it had an okay DC since I didn’t want my glancing blows from the B-sword to kill spiders).

The toughest quest was Running with Devils. It’s nar impossible to land good tactical feats on those guys. And I had a maxed out Stunning Shield, improved trip and Stunning blow. All under the Vanguard, Kensei and Bladeforged racial tree. And this highlights once more the silliness of Turbine creating the Champion system and later on explaining that this should drive people to use tactical feats instead.

Trust me – I’ve used tactical feats from since before when it was never in the vogue and I always try to maximize my characters to use it, but once you hit upper Elites and EE it’s often time a waste of time.

The image BTW is from when I did the Wheloon Chain. That’s the assassin quest and from the beam position. Gnawing HPs away from the end boss since he’s impossible to fight using regular tactics.

The 3 choices are; beam position and quite boring. Kiting and shooting. It’s a sad statement about the quest when this tactic is the preferred one. You can also have so much fort that even the boss can’t pen it. It worked once when I had over 200% in fort. He kept swinging and other than the odd cocoon I just stood there and smacked him with little damage in return.

The final chain, and what put me over the top was the high road. That final fight on Elite can be tough. Lots of fire damage and getting flung across the map and impaled on the sharp stakes will dig some HP out of you. And once I got that one done I popped over 20 and I’m not ready for EHs across the board.

The difference with this build is that I’m going full tactical feats with maximum gear choices. Like the Blademark docent with it’s +15 vertigo. I’ll add a seal with +10 stunning at 21 and it’ll be the mainstay until I can start using the boots from Epic Macabre. Ideally I’d like a fully upgraded Alchemical Tower shield with the +10 stunning for tier 1. But that’s dreaming considering that this raid is even deader than CITW. I would also love to pull the CITW B-sword for this guy, but that’s unlikely.


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