It’s hard to like tactical feats

I do like them. I like tactics. The idea of using tactical feats to neutralize the threat of champions is a good one. I like it. And there’s something satisfying about tripping a spider or earth elemental and to stun something big and nasty with the edge of the shield.

But lets be honest here; it’s tedious. You’re talking about worrying about a lot more cooldowns, a lot more combinations than swinging a weapon until stuff obliterates. The comparison is pretty stark when I play my pure Bladeforged 2 handed fighting Pally or my 2 Pally 18 Fighter Vanguard fighter. One can actually trip and stun; and hit for upward to 500 or even slightly more on a good day.

The other can’t trip or stun at all but can can multiple critters into puddles with massive damaging hits. Like a smite hitting for more than 2k. Yes – the stun and trip neutralizes incoming hits – but it takes much longer to shave HP rather than as my pure pally – obliterate them. And while tactical feats are nice, taking down orange named as easy as knocking the feat from under many legged creatures, my pure Pally will spend far less time hacking things into ribbons.

So as the title says; using tactical feats gets a little tedious since they’re only good for the normal and hard level and many times fails on hard despite heavy investments where as LOTS of DPS never failed once.

I don’t know what the solution is. Maybe increase stun extra damage to 75% and trip damage to 25%. Maybe make tactical feats fully functional in EE too – just to offer that one play style a genuine home. Otherwise it’ll be as I experienced this weekend running EE Web of Chaos with a group. The Swashbuckler+barbarian build plus the ranged guy hitting for 7k kept slaughtering big gobs of creatures while I did my ‘stun’ and ‘trip’ thing, connecting now and then. They cleared rooms while I stunned and smacked ONE guy.

See I’m not worrying about kill score; but it underscores the issues of being the ‘tactical fighter’ compared to someone that makes entire mobs go away on almost less time.

BTW – the image is from Belly of the Beast, looking up once you falls through the ground. Above, top of picture there are a bunch of chests from champions. Some I could open, others I couldn’t since all of them spawned IN the ground.

There’s currently a debate going on in the Forum where people object to the remnants dropping expiring after 3 minutes. This is to stop people from multi-boxing and holding a session open and allowing others to run through and pick up remnants. I’m okay with that. To me the larger problem is how chests spawns – many times inside walls, too high or in the ground. Denying you a chest that might’ve been hard fought due to maybe running on EE.

In a perfect world these remnants would be auto collected like individual shards on the old Epics. Or the chests auto placed in your inventory just as they’re done with Cannith Challenges. I don’t know if that requires a lot more coding but it would be the best solution to these issues.


4 thoughts on “It’s hard to like tactical feats

  1. ComicRelief

    Yep. I dislike using tactics (clickies, in general). This is one reasons why I dislike the “Legendary Dreadful”, I mean “Dreadnought”, epic destiny – way too tactic, and action boost, heavy for those of use who don’t like to use either. I’d much rather just “swing” with my fighters (easy-peasy – no ‘clock watching’ involved).

    I also like your idea of fragments just auto-collecting like the token fragments. Makes a lot of sense. That way, you don’t accidentally miss them, lying on the ground, either. I suspect they are using a modified “treasure bag” coding (but that’s just a guess).

  2. erdrique

    I don’t mind tactics myself, but I think they are much more efficient when playing in a larger group. Using them as a form of crowd control is always a nice little plus. Of course, I have a hard time keeping up with the timers but I still do like them. I totally agree with the champion chests. I have had a few pop up where I couldn’t get them making that encounter a little disapointing.


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