I like clumsy headlines. Sure, clickbait maybe or just the weird way my brain works. (If I wanted clickbait I would add a list and a off the wall image – like 10 ways your B sword is sexy and then a image of a half naked barbarian chick holding a longsword…I know, ironic).

I don’t mind tactical feats. The last post was more about the tedious nature of tactical feats when pure DPS always seem to melt stuff away. Now I know tactical feats are a gods end at times when soloing. Because many times I’ll experience something much worse when soloing with pure DPS. Like the other night. My pure bladeforged pally do not have 1 single tactical feat to his name. Not one. First – Pally’s are feat starved. They’re also sorta enhancement point starved. Especially when ‘cleaves’ are now on a enhancement level as an alternative to using feat. So the trade off not only fixes the ‘feat’ starvation. But instead ‘eats’ up enhancement points. I don’t mind the trade off, but it makes it uniquely hard do wither or. Not without a sacrifice of purpose.

And that’s fine; a lousy tactical feat is worthless in the context of higher difficulty anyways. I tried that last life with a half hearted attempt to using stunning blow. Turns out that it only worked somewhat in Normal and not at all in anything else. And that’s a waste of feat and a waste of gear or whatnot to invest in.

Both my vanguard and my pure pally have recently done Giant hold quests. Specifically Madstone.

First – It was tedious with my Vanguard – doing it around level 24 or 25. I didn’t have my better shield or weapon, but a solid investment in stunning and trip. Mainly by using the Blademark Docent and a seal from MOTU with +10 stunning. Add that to Tactical DC from Bladeforged class, Kensei and Legendary. He also has the level 24 challenge cloak with more tactical DC.

It might still not be good enough for EE but on EH it works. Of course the giant skellies can only be dealth with using improved trip and the stunning shield and they won’t stay down long – so there I had a clear problem with DPS since my vanguard didn’t have fort. pen nor a very good weapon against undead. But with an okay amount of PRR and MRR it worked. Most other creatures could be stunned and giant skellies could be tripped. In that particular case and no matter how tedious it was to constantly hit the buttons it worked and I finished each quest in Giant Hold without lots of ‘dead’ hirelings.

Contrast that with my pure pally. We’re talking about 1k hits with crits and 3k crits with working blitz and smites. Yes things died so quickly (hirelings) because it lacked the fundamental of being able to neutralize some threads while dealing with others. Meaning, trip or stuns. And that’s naturally where my ‘in between’ comes in. My Pure halforc kensei fighter. With improved trips and stunning blow.

See, what makes vanguard somewhat tedious is not the many use of tactical feats. It is what makes that class good; it is that it’s a little bit too much. Improved trip, stunning blow, stunning shield and shield smash. Add to that cleave, greater cleave and the 2 cleaves out of Legendary. You’re basically murdering your wrist trying to hit all the cool downs in order to stay viable destruction wise and use the full extent of the vanguard features.

It’s click overload. Compare that to my Pally. 3 cleave like clicks and smite. Accomplishing more DPS in fewer maneuvers. With my pure kensei it is cleaves, trip and stunning blow. Far less and DPS a step under my pure pally. And the sad part is that in EE my vanguard can use tactical feats until the cows comes home and it won’t be as effective. While my pally and kensei given enough heals will still shine.

So my complaint; if there is such a thing is that tactical feats are nice, but until Turbine ‘sharpens’ the edge on them and makes them fully viable in the highest difficulty it will be more exhausting to use them, then it’s worth in the final dps tally.

My suggestion is to make them more viable given a solid investment and to maybe add something a little extra to them. If you’re going to murder your wrist using them, then allow the tactical feat to actually mean something more. Add a little but more DPS to the one doing the stunning and tripping. Add additional effects. Like maybe a chance to vorpal. Because you stunned the creature and you’re about to follow up with a head chopper.


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