I miss Cannith Challenges

It used to be a staple quest run for me every new ER and TR (and now IR). Not only for turning them into tokens and potions and sometimes even items. But for that first time XP or just having a bunch stored for future use. But with the hireling fiasco and no news if that will ever be fixed I haven’t run Cannith challenges more than maybe 2-5 times since the hirelings broke and that’s a long while indeed.
What makes this worse is that I see so many occasions where I’d love to have a bunch of those items, if not the tier 2 level 15 ones to use for Iconic reincarnations, but also some early level 20 ones for ERs. I have a bunch but all the epic ones get BTC and I wish that was not the case.

If there was ever a change to anything challenge wise I’d wish they made all of the different events items and challenge items completely BTA. Make all materials unbound so people can sell them in the auction house, but make all items BTA. And Fix hirelings.
This stems particularly for my need for the bracers (this time). Or I’d love to get a stab at a repeater. Or 2 khopeshes. Or that greataxe. Those items are a little harder to make (or at least grindier) since they require the island challenges and they’re even borked WITH functioning hirelings (and moreso without). The problem there is entirely design. You have to run them EARLY levels in order to get something but the third one is way to short, and require way to might timed coordination and you get barely a 100 each time. That is if you get any. Because you have to have close to a perfect run to get anything – and the profit segment – when you actually start making mats for yourself will be a matter of maybe a minute or so once you get things upgraded. Forget trying to do this closer to 20 since no amount of turrets you out down scale well enough to deal with the Orthons and devils swarming the devices.
And forget about repairing them.
You could do this with your caster but the fraction you repair is time taken away from clearing creatures from other attacked extractors.

The idea, the challenge was an interesting one, but it’s doomed as a ‘tower defense’ type challenge by the fact that the closer you get to 20 and for that matters ‘epic’ levels the more irrelevant the turrets become. So that’s why you run these quests on early level where Turrets scale better and you have more time. I doubt Turbine will take a time and look at these and do something about it.

Another thing is simply the awkward and silly idea of only allowing you to run these quests at specific level caps. Like some you can only play at 15, some at 12 and others cap out at 15. I don’t know who thought up this nonsense. And the Epic ones cap at 25 while the Eveningstar challenges run from 15 to 30 I believe. It’s silly and not very useful. I just don’t get why that is. In a perfect world all of them would scale from 1 to 30, just as it does with Crystal Cove. That’s how it should be. Conversely, here’s an idea. Make it scale 1 to 30 for people who are either VIP or OWN the content. For everyone else, using the once a day free universal token it can continue scale the way it does.
That would make it an incentive to either buy or go VIP and it would be a lot useful over all.
And FIX hirelings.


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