Update 25 on the 6th. No joke

I’ve been a fan of the latest updates. No so much because they gave us beefier Barbarians, better bards and greater Paladins. I like the re-done/epified content. Yes – I agree that all new content is preferred over slapping epic content on heroic stuff. Partly because other than HP and damage bloat much remains the same. The promise therefore of NEW Vale and Shavarath Epic content is a promising break from that. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like Epic macabre, Epic 3BC etc. Contrary. I like it just fine.

The problem however is that despite having had fairly ‘solid’ releases, where we had at least a final update on Lam with stuff that seemed to be in working condition we’ve been plagued with some seriously broken features that was released live. Not on purpose of course but there was some things that was reported on Lam, never fixed and turned out to put a big wrench in otherwise fairly ‘functional’ releases.

That’s not true this time around. If you visit Lam now (and I told myself I wouldn’t but did anyways) TOEE is not working right. I can’t tell you about all the changes in the works, such as changes to repeaters, rogues and whatever else they’re working on, but TOEE is still in a rough state. From green debris to non to red functional upgrade tool bench, locked chest with nothing around to make them open to rend named creatures with so much HP bloat it’s like everything red named is that giant out of Trackers Trap (the one with such an idiotic amount of HP). For most part you get at least a chest for random red named, but once you enter those elemental chambers you have to fight a bunch of them and enjoy beating up on HP bloat.

Turbine have stated that they’ll adjust this (if they have already in the last build) but without a final build no one can tell if it’s an appropriate amount for the different difficulty settings.

Plus the real downside in my honest opinion is that everything is other regular creatures or red named. If you run this on hard or Elite you won’t get many fragments. Sure, regular critters can drop the dribble of 1-3 of them but I’ve yet to come across an orange named that I could do something too. And while the entire quest is huge – and I’m enticed to explore it – so many features seems broken that I feel very apprehensive about Monday. Turbine is not known for releasing polished products after when the builds look very okay. And having a very unpolished update to play around in with the promise of a release on Monday makes me thing twice.

Perhaps more than anything I’m not really hot with the new itemization scheme. It’s almost impossible to get an idea on what they’re trying to do when there’s virtually no time for anyone to play around with it. I really never got a sense what it can do – I pulled an ‘axe’ but the workbench was broken and I couldn’t do anything with it (it looks like I pulled an heroic level 7 item in an EH run).

I want to like this. Even in its rough state the size of the quest makes it look promising. The sound is absolutely terrific and creepy eventho it also uses some from the harper chains. I like the new music and the ‘action’ music which seems unique for this release and product. It’s thematically very creepy and menacing. And the first time I feel that they nailed the sound again – just as they did with the MOTU release (I was never sold on Wheelon and any other sound they’ve used).

So here’s me hoping for a final ‘smooth’ product but by judging by what I saw I think they’re making a mistake by forcing it out on the 6th just because.


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