What was meant to be a 8AM to 12 Eastern have turned into ‘tonight’ as far as patching goes. Granted, nothing is ever awesome (unlike Lego movie). And DDO is notoriously ‘bad’ in that respect. But it’s funny that I lamented an April 6th release and now something ‘went wrong’.

I really don’t care why that is, nor does it bother me that much that I have to wait a little bit – but it does give me some pause. For whatever that reason is.

Now I can state one thing that have made me somewhat disappointed. For the first time I found something I wanted to get for fragments. A level 21 cloak with MRR and Heal Amp. BTA – adds augments and such for a great ER cloak (also comes in a level 7, 14 and 21 pair of bracers/cloak).

At that point I had managed to collect close to 4k. And I figure that given a weeks head start with the weekend in the end of March through April 5th. But as it turned out Turbine adjusted the drop rate and for most part I’ve received 1, 2 or 3 almost all the time. From drops and from chests. With the odd above 10. But the average is more like 2.

That’s different from before where the norm was more lower from drops and higher from chests. As an experiment I ran my then level 26 Arti (now 28) through haunted halls and I was appalled to see that most chests had really low numbers in them. This was all on EH, but doing a few EEs the drop amount didn’t change much.

At a minimum I thought I’d be able to hit 4k doing all those quests, but as it turns out the drop rate from actual champions on EH is abysmal and if something drops the amount is low. It’s almost like Token fragments at this point.

I don’t know why the amount was changed but it feels stupid at this point. Especially when you have a small spider taking 1 third of the HP and at the most I get 1 fragment in return, mostly nothing. It makes me think the champions is a non rewarding challenge trivialized by silly randomization where one room can have 3 benign critters with burger king crowns and all orange without it.

It reminds me of when Turbine decided to redo materials like Glittering dust and ‘change’ what you could use them for and then totally screwed up the amounts needed. It was clear that it was a shard scheme since you could use shards to get the specific augment you wanted OR use a silly high amount of rare materials to get a random chance.

I was so turned off by the stupidity that I quit even bothering with it.

The only thing missing from this fiasco would some kind of payment scheme to get the items without worrying about drop – or maybe a fragment increase potion. Hey why not. There’s always more ways to destroy a good thing.


5 thoughts on “Precient

  1. DDOCentral

    I think that DDO is grappling with aging hardware, which seems to be the source of a great deal of the lag and game downtime. There has been an internal discussion concerning moving the game to a new data center, as indicated by Producer Severlin on the forums, so this action could solve a lot of the problems with DDO.

    1. patang01 Post author

      I doubt it was hardware related this time. And it’s true, they are working aging code on aging machines. But to me it seems more an effect of rushing something out to meet a hard deadline.

      And they’ve done an amazing job for sure. Considering that massive undertaking of making this module into a giant hour spanning quest romp there are very few things to actually complain about (such as major bugs and glitches). Ontop of that a rogue overpass and a stab at ranged improvements.

      Amazing for sure; but problems not entirely unpredictable.

  2. geoffhanna

    I figure that the remnants are something you are going to get anyway, accumulating like time in-game. So who cares how much things cost, it’s not really a farming situation, it’s just time. So … wait for it, and you’ll get whatever you want.

    More or less.

    1. patang01 Post author

      Because a scheme where it takes 6-8 months to get enough for something that might only be an option 2, 3 times a year is not a system anyone care for.

      Progression is just as much a motivator for some as ‘honey lets play tonight’ is for others.


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