This Weekend in DDO

I’m still working on part 3 of TOEE, redoing TOEE a few more times, adding a few more images etc until I have a good idea how to make it at least focused.

But first, a comment left in regards to the nature of the unlocked nodes in part 2 by Tholgrin

I can confirm personally that it is random – East and West both have each element and you’re given both a direction and an element which will tell you where to go (pay attention to the banners, and you can pick the right one every time). After 25 runs, I can also confirm East Air Shrine is the most common, but not the only one; you can either do them sequentially, or recall/reset until you get the element you’re looking to upgrade.

Although, as far as I can tell, aside from shrooms or inflating your kill counts for optional XP, there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to doing all four nodes.

It’s my experience as well; I finally ended up in a situation where the one I normally go to (eastern air node) and it was locked and found myself hitting water instead. So it’s random but it seems to favor air often enough that I didn’t see the randomness. And this is of course good. Good in that you’re not always forced to do the same set time and time again. Thanks Tholgrin for letting me know.

This weekend I wanted to get my Bladeforged Pally back to 28 so I could put on all the good gear and go romp through TOEE. I’ve noticed (sadly so) that if you are going to flowersniff TOEE you’re better off with a heavy armored melee or something like the Arti than a skirmisher type or caster.

True, if you’re looking at hitting the end chest as quickly as possible you could just go for broke on the pertinent parts and end up at the end a lot quicker. But for flowersniffing you need a low resource and high DPS situation (with good amount of self healing) and having played my Vanguard and liked it, I figured a higher DPS type like my Pally would do great.

But that meant hitting 27 and 28 and I did so hitting most of the suspect Eveningstar quest chains like Wheelon prison, the second chain in the mountains ending with what goes up (as per the image) and then a few assorted one – such as soloing EH MOTU 1 by doing a quick intense romp through each.

I finally hit 28 doing a final VON 3 – before hitting the end even and was ready for the marathon 2 hour flowersniffing TOEE part 1.

I’ve come to loath the specific red named encounters.

They’re boring. I’ll cover it more in part 3 but I can tell you now that smacking HP out of bloated created like the air cleric, the goristo (not too bad with a pally but dreadful with the vanguard), 1 water cube and the 2 red named Water Elementals. Tedious waste of time. I don’t know what possessed Turbine to add a cleric with 160k HP just so you can turn off a force field, and fight ANOTHER bloated HP bag (Goristo), but the water temple puts all of that behind it by a mile.

One HUGE cube in a small room, wiggling on top of you as you smack it for minutes. And then when you’re done with that you do the same in each side room to two Water Elementals. That encounter need a re-balancing and most of all some added fun.

On top of that you don’t get anything. The 2 worst encounters (Air and Water) and you get squat. You get a chest from the more reasonable Fire and you get one from Earth. But not the Air cleric, not from the Goristo and nothing – ZILCH – from the entire dreadful water temple.

Talk about sour you for what is visually not bad (Water).

Speaking of other meaningless and terrible encounter – the random red named cube you can find with the skeleton in the middle of it. CR 45 bag of massive ‘smack me for minutes’. It’s even worse than the water temple (by a hair, but still). And for a chest with maybe an item and some materials. It was easier with my Arti since I could stand away from it and fire a massive barrage of bolts and rune arm fire into it (it doesn’t move) but it’s still pointless and tedious.

I could go down the list (but I’ll cover that well enough in part 3 of my TOEE review) but safe to say it wasn’t my most favorite end to an otherwise fruitful Weekend.

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