Mysterious Shrines, a new cool feature and tactical use

Just like random rare encounters (bosses – both orange and red) and the single chests – these will be found across the different dungeon both in part 1 and 2.

These shrines seem to come in 6 flavors – 1 for each element, defensive and offensive. The elemental ones add 20% absorb (for that element) and damage. Damage for melee, ranged and spells (each ‘bolt’) and it increases with spell power. You get roughly 56 in additional damage on melee and ranged and it can range up to 500-600 on crit for spells (dependent on your over all spell power for that element). So that’s a lot of extra damage – for each individual bolt or missile and the best part is that they all add up. If you happen to find 2 elements, say water and air, you’ll get both water and air damage for each weapon or spell in addition to spell damage and say Shiradi procs.

The defense one seem to double your HP and add both PRR and MRR – my Sorc for example goes from 730ish to about 1400 – which is a terrific amount of HP running around on EH.

The offensive adds melee, ranged and universal spell power – again – these all adds up with other potential shrines.

They all last for an hour, persist through rest and expires on death. They even continue to work when you leave ToEE.

One of my current tactics is that if I decide to check the entire dungeon I will make sure to ‘retake’ the shrine again (yes – it comes back after you click on it) before entering the end fight in say part 1. And before leaven the dungeon I will DDOOR out, go back in and find the shrines again and click. So when I leave the quest I have 55ish minutes of these shrines, that I can enter the quest again with for a much quicker run.

In general terms most fresh part 1 runs (complete, every nook and cranny) takes roughly 2 hours, maybe a little less.

Getting lucky and have a few shrines running – especially the elemental ones or the offensive, will cut down on the next one greatly. Especially if you get lucky again and find more shrines as the former counts out. My last using 3 shrines ended up taking 70ish minutes, a record in terms of completing (note – ddoor out from Water temple and Air temple to avoid boring red named hp bloat bag battles)

Granted; this is not as efficient on melee for elemental damage but it’s still roughly 60 per swing and it adds up quick.

That’s why I like to run my sorc under those circumstances. Provided he finds a few shrines – most of the time you’d be lucky to find 1 in part 1.


This and the featured image plus an offensive shrine ended up being found fairly close to each others. So naturally it helped greatly in clearing out part 1.

Not all runs will be like these.

But if you do get lucky and decide to go for broke and hit part 2 right away and get to the queen as quickly as possible, reapply all potential shrines first. They’ll last into the next part and will be a great benefit when you clear out the first inner temple and even in the nodes.

Heck, even against the queen, but I’m not all that good with my sorc against the queen. And once those Hezraus drop he goes down quickly and once you die those shrines will be gone.

But for now – this is one good tactic for anyone who want to flower sniff and get it all. Less useful for people bolting to the end. Unless they get lucky and find it on the way that is.

Is it powerful? Yes and no. It’s random. Just as with ever thing else you can get entirely skunked on a grueling 2 hour run with few if anything rare. So it comes with a few drawbacks. None of them are guaranteed and you might end up wasting tons of time just to go through all of it.

But once you find a few you know that with simple tactics you can have a leg up on the next run after this one. So lets hope Turbine keeps it that way in the case this was not meant to persist quite as much as it currently does.

It’ll just make some runs a little smoother than others and it’s not something you can bank on all the time.


2 thoughts on “Mysterious Shrines, a new cool feature and tactical use

  1. Tholgrin

    I don’t think Turbine will nerf them.. they’re rare enough, expire on death, and the clock keeps ticking even in public areas. Yes, they can be pretty powerful (a Shintao monk hits often enough that the elemental damage boost adds up FAST), but the luck of the draw element in finding them means folks won’t just “step in to buff” as it’s far too unreliable. It’s more a sick boost when it happens.


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