It’s not always about games

Another medium I like is movies/TV but not the ‘reality’ shows and all that other garbage. If I get 2-3 shows in on a full week I’m doing ‘good’. I try to keep it to something that feels like it adds not only a distraction but keeps it visual and interesting.

But I seldom continue if things gets really stupid. I just can’t. I don’t owe a loyalty when it goes sour and dumb – I am of the belief that they owe me as a fan to stay the course.

Take Heroes, a show I quit 2 seasons in as it turned stupid. The one mistake you can do as a show is to try to ‘revive’ something by turning people into something they’re not. To take one character and twist their personality. Heroes suffered from a painted corner. The first season was about saving this cheerleader that had tremendous healing/regenerative powers. This unknown baddy were killing these ‘heroes’ (superpowers) and absorbing them.

So killing her would make it immortal more or less.

So in the end, after developing characters and fighting the end boss – they wounded him, saved her and that was it. Sure, second season suffered from a strike among actors/actresses and was short – but it ended with even dumber story. They allowed the bad guy to finally get her power – she survived because she could regenerate but after that I was done.

One thing I know about the medium is that once you allow something to be so powerful that it would take an act of god to undo it, the actual mechanic that would do it would be so cheesy that it made you feel stupid.

That’s true with any movie where everyone is constantly beaten to a pulp by a bad guy and finally defeat him with a whimper. Then suddenly the bad guy is weak. Or when a hero is almost impossible to beat and suddenly he’s defeated by the most idiotic of things.

That’s the problem; give something to much power then the balancing act will feel like an anti climax, make them to weak it’ll feel impossibly stupid. True in games, true in movies.

But worse is the mistake of changing characters.

Lets say you have a show (Grimm) where one character seems really bad arse. Build a lore. But some characters (like his girlfriend) seems meek and weak. Now start creating a convoluted conflict – that say there’s this bad girl, she loses her power, goes through some idiotic feature to get it back, then uses her power to remove the Grimms power through a really stupid thing, the have the Grimm walk around all weak and worthless, then figure out another convoluted thing to get it back, which gives his girlfriend the bad girls power and now all of a sudden the bad girl is pregnant with his baby and the girlfriend changes personality to a power hungry super bad guy.

And suddenly the Grimm is powerless to do anything about it since the girl friend is like the bad guy but on over drive. No one knows how to help her and no one knows how she could get so powerful. And she’s like ‘wow, I’m so super powerful I’m going to be like super bad’.

Meanwhile the original lore is completely forgotten and it’s all about this convoluted moronic drama.

That’s how you break a functioning story and make it some kind of meaningless reality show. Except worse.

The original story with Grimm was that one day his grandma (or someone) showed up with a key. This key holds the power to something hidden that these ‘Royals’ want to get their hands on. But suddenly bad girl got pregnant with a half Royal hiding in Portland and it became all about her special child. Not a mentioning about this hidden place. (yes she got pregnant twice)

So I’m done. Just as I was done with Heroes when they destroyed the story with a sledge hammer (something about a decease killing everyone and current day Heroes and their future Heroes counter parts getting mixed up in time line where some were good and others bad) I’m done with Grimm for after 2 seasons getting away from the original lore and making it about a convoluted drama.

Yes – I saw part of the next episode and it had his now super bad girlfriend being able to make him entirely powerless. Because, once you have to defeat someone powerful, you need to make up a convoluted reason to why someone else can beat that.

Pity, that leaves me with Castle and Constantine. And Defiance when that comes back. But I’m okay with it. I really liked Grimm. They had an awesome original concept and story and a terrific bunch of characters that they have now started ruining. And once they changed the premise or even focus of the story I knew they were flailing their arms and grasping for new material.


3 thoughts on “It’s not always about games

    1. patang01 Post author

      Ironically, I binge watched the rest of the first seasons (I had watched part of it previously) yesterday on Netflix, and I agree. It’s something I will get into more from now on.


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