Time to hotfix the patch

I do laugh, but really. This one turned out to be ‘interesting’. Some ladders gone, particularly things you ‘turn on’ by dials and such. But also an entire platform in Von 6.

Some stuff required work around (Von 5) and others high jump score (Snitch). But luckily I was doing ladder free stuff all of yesterday.

Also, we now know what ‘Elemental Victory’ is. A all absorb helmet. For all 4 elements. The heroic version adds 10 percent in all elements and I assume the Epic will be 20 (because 30 would be too much I guess) with a possible augment slot. Maybe.

Yeah, it helps. If it adds up with other absorb items (say a ring with 33% lightning absorb). Altho, to be honest. The PRR debuff and high DR and fort of red names in ToEE is a bigger concern than say elemental damage (earth ellies hit for blunt damage, not ‘acid’). But it helps against dragon fights for sure. Across the board.

it’ll be easier to give up some helmets than in other cases. Harder for melee using Epic Macabre stuff, easier for my Arti, which doesn’t have anything specific. Harder for my sorc with the +3 insightful charisma E3BC hat, until I find a solid source of similar in one of the slots I can change (Rings, say – SHAVARATH EPIC RINGS).

So yeah, it’s not entirely impossible but certainly not like ‘WOW GOTTA HAVE’. But I’ll take it if I would ever pull it.


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