And then fun was gone again

I mentioned Mystical Shrines not long ago. Word is (officially) that the timer is meant to expire on exit. But also, Turbine had noticed that these shrines made life a little better running ToEE, so now they barely drop anymore. Specially on EN and EH. They also claim that they have ‘upped’ the spawn rate of are encounters but it’s a catch 22.

While I don’t mind ‘more rares’ they’re boring HP bloat fests without a shrine or 2. And if there are more rares spawning, I certainly haven’t noticed much difference. If anything I see a few more of those urns and boxes spawning and still the endless sea of nauseating boring mobs.

And nothing has been done to the trunk load of HP in each encounter. It’s still a gratuitous pile grotesque red bars, often paired with layers of DR and resist. So by reduced the spawn rate of shrines and maintaining the floodgates of hit points, they effectively made the content even worse.

I was close the other to finishing my third part, outlining the dark side of the quest, but that was upended as I noticed this new trend.

It’s really tedious. I want some variation for sure, but plowing through one encounter after another and ending up standing and beating on a pile of HP for minutes for a smear of material and a chunk vendor trash is grating. If Turbine meant to fix something they sure had the opposite effect.

And then there’s this terrible handling of the Hireling issue. As a paying customer I don’t mind getting a product that works and that I don’t have to micro manage the whole way. It’s been almost a year now since they broke it (if not longer) and they’re as bad as always. So when it said ‘they’re now staying put’ I thought hirelings are staying put (pinkie swear this time). No – they confirmed that they meant the pets. Not anything else. So last I checked in the Lava caves (challenge) the hireling and the caster (tried a bunch of different types to see what continued to be broken) all ran after my toon and due to distance, got stuck midway while the enemy raided the base I wanted them to cover.

So utterly worthless. On top of that hirelings are now just going completely derp. One minute they’re hitting, then they quite. Healing, hitting, doing anything. Plus healers are hyper aggressive at times. Instead of healing you they fight and they sometimes even wait until your toon or other hirelings in the group dies before they go ‘OOOh, sorry – my bad’ and throws a slow resurrect instead.

Between the shrines and the derp hirelings ‘fun’ have received a serious downgrade.


3 thoughts on “And then fun was gone again

  1. ComicRelief

    A year on hirelings being borked? No, no, no, no, no – pretty much ever since the “great lobotomy” of U9. Oh, there were some “not quite as bad as they were” fixes, to be sure, but they have never been the same since U9…


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