Not the last Air Bender

For the longest time, at least for as long as I’ve played sorc – it was almost exclusively an Earth Savant. I did TR him into a arch wise before, for the past life, but didn’t like it. Something about running out of juice. That was before the change to enhancements and I didn’t have as much gear.

I also tried (briefly) out a Water Savant. Didn’t much care for it. Sure – they’re potent but it didn’t fit my style.

And now at cap, I’ve decided to change him out ever so slightly.

The benefits of Earth savant are many; it’s the one element that seem to work (even with heavy resist on some creatures) the best. Meaning no straight immunities. That’s true for most part until Epic and then during Epic with a few exceptions. That’s not true with say lighting, fire and water. You’ll find a lot of content particularly in Eberron that is more or less immune to fire but that’s also true with Water (cold – lots of undead are immune) and lighting (some creatures are even healed – see Flesh Golems).

Plus earth have a few very nice spells – particularly if you find a good synergy between acid based spells (including the spell like abilities – SLAs) and conjuration (such as web). And Web remains fairly useful all the way until upper Epics and Epic Elites, with the added benefits of acid based spells not destroying webs, like fireballs does.

Things do change when you hit Eveningstar – now fire spells are fairly okay and there are a few notorious creatures that are immune against acid. But it’s mostly limited to some harper quests and 1 2 type of dragons (green and black).

But that’s not really why I changed it. One – it’s increasingly hard to find a good combination of items (not sticks) that provide you main acid lore. This is of course more critical for acid based rune arms, but if you’re hoping to diversify your setup then there are no acid lore items until the now ToEE level 26 stuff or say Thunderforged level 28.

Again, this is a lesser issue considering how many ‘sticks’ there are with lore, but if you want those level 26 thunderforged with say evocation or conjuration, you’re not going to have lore. So for the longest time (until I pulled the necklace out of Mark of Death) I used Epic Rock boots.

Primarily because I equipped 2 level 26 thunderforged sticks (well stick and orb), one with evocation and one with conjuration.

This have served me fairly well during several ETRs – especially when hitting the upper levels (obviously 26+), providing an okay amount from each school to minimize reflex saved attacks from the confjuration and evocation arsenal.

Until ToEE, this served as a great combination for the many Sharadi procs including a solid boost of impulse damage (this one) and acid (the conjuration orb).

But ToEE changed that. Primarily because while the acid burst is a nice little AOE, it really wasn’t enough to recycle through with other spells. And when you look at the acid spell list, most of them are single targets only. No dots (unless you’re dumb enough to call the dragon bolt a dot of sort) like with Water and Electric and very few multi target ones, unless you consider Acid Spray one.

thunderforged stick

ToEE, as you probably have noticed have a LOT of mobs in it. That sorta mob density requires lot of multi target spells. Both the SLA Acid Burst and the Destiny Energy burst are nice, but their cooldown doesn’t exactly lend to a quick firing multi target scheme. Sure, you do have the magic arrow variant of multi targeting, but now you’re hoping for Shiradi procs instead of a solid main damage (like 1k+ hits from the acid burst, or 4k+ from the energy burst). Unless you’re running on 1 or 2 good Mysterious Shrines, but that’s more chance than you can rely on.

So after having had an ‘interesting’ experience with my air/spell singer hybrid I thought – wait a minute. Why not switch over to Air Savant?

I had most of the gear and until I had a solid item to boost electric damage I could always use a rudimentary stick with lore and such. And I had already picked up Noxious Embers so I had an okay amount of universal lore.

Combine it with the base item of a ToEE lightning stick and presto – you have 156 Spell power and 17% universal spell crit from the necklace.

And the spell selection for multi targeting is better. 2 solid SLAs – Electric Loop for multi targeting and a daze chance. and Lighting strike for a double 1k+ crit hit. Via regular spells you have chain lighting, electric loops bigger brother, a ‘fire ball’ version but instead electric and a dot – all adding to the multi or single target arsenal that’ll help you deal with a higher mob density.

And through more ToEE runs than I care to admit, and certainly not good for my soul – I have managed to complete a lighting stick – it might not be as good as say thunderforged – but it does have enough lore and spell power to add least add the raw foundation.

air stick

You are going to need lots of multi target spells inside ToEE. And I can’t think of a better savant than air for the job. My only hope now is that they allow for a solid, diverse, greensteel 2 system, because my hope is of course a con op 2 item. Or a few other diverse HP, SP and lore items to round things up. But so far I think my sorc is doing just fine in the damaging department.



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