Lots of stuff going on this weekend

I was hoping to be able to capitalize on the +2 loot and 50% challenge reward but since the hirelings are still borked, I couldn’t run all the challenges I wanted. I mean you can, but micro managing stupid hirelings are far more bothersome than to even bother in the first place.

One way or another you’ll end up disappointed. Might as well be the general malaise.

And as far as loot goes; why bother. After the great random loot purge of the second add on, loot in general is unimaginable and terrible and you won’t be able to pull a lot of other good stuff. Like tomes. I used to be able to pull a few okay ones, but now they’re few and far between. Unless you hammer EEs and spends tons of shards.

So given that I ended up running just to run something. Primarily ERing my Barb to start unlocking Crusade and then use consecrated ground for spot healing (yes, that’s ‘wasting’ two twists to work with Legendary or FOTW but well worth it).

I also IER’d both my Pally and my Vanguard – I figured my Vanguard needed a few more ability points and cash in on both the Epic past life (did a ER first) and then a True reincarnation into a Purple knight). He’s doing fairly well right now, where as I’ve run a bunch limited Cannith Challenges on my Pally for mats.

What I’m missing right now is a good b-sword for the 15-20 crunch for my Vanguard. I have the EN version of First Blood, the BTA version of the one out of Web of Chaos and a straight positive GS. But I need DPS – as all 3 are on the medium side (and Vanguard is not the top of line DPS as is).

And for my Pally I ended up making a Li 2 GS greatsword out of some shards in the inventory. That thing is great.

My Barb is enjoying another run with well established gear. He’s currently using (level 21) Epic Antique G-axe and at level 3 have the CITW one waiting for him. Not entirely upgraded but it’ll do until I hit 26. I do wish I had the ESOS, but then who doesn’t.




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