The Barbarian

I currently have two barbarians. I converted the one in the picture from a 2 handed swinging Kensei to a 2 handed weapon swinging pure barbarian. I don’t need too, or feel like have I have to multi class. I’m good.

My other barbarian is a 2 weapon swinging light armor wearing level 19. Maybe it’s just the weapons but I don’t ‘feel it’. It’s okay – but I wish I kept those Cannith challenge khopeshes as BTA so he’d have something nicer.

I do have a thought in the back of my mind – a Vanguard bezerker. A sword and board on steroids. I might try that out next on my fighter/pally vanguard experiment. Just to add a 15 barbarian/5 vanguard to the mix. Or something like that. I haven’t thought about any specific synergies yet – just a thought that intrigued me to have a more tactical using barbarians for more helpless damage (adding lots of stun to the mix and some self healing/heal amp).

But back to my ‘traditional’ 2 handed swinging pile of raged destruction. First. I’ve tried out the whole ‘maximum’ DPS frenzied Bezerker with a secondary in Ravager. I ran a Legendary blitzer and most crits hit for about 2-4k.

Now I’ve scaled down stuff and I’m unlocking Crusader. Crits are in the 500-800 range and I run heavy on Ravager for heal per strike as suppose to heal ticks every 4 seconds.

The trade between them both are bigger crits with Bezerker and more ‘smaller’ crits (crit chance of 15+ with Ravager+Crusader expanded threat range).

My hope is to use consecrated grounds as a twist (for pivotal moment heal ticks) and legendary for the solid amount of cleaves and DPS. Cleaves are important, the more you have the better. And the quicker you’ll expire large groups.

Agro lots of mobs, drop a consecrated grounds and hammer the nails down.


6 thoughts on “The Barbarian

    1. patang01 Post author

      I hear you. I hit ToEE and noticed that those debuffs made the whole experience more problematic than I thought and I figured I was going all in on con and str anyways. So why not just go heavy. Sure – it ate a feat on a feat starved class but adding that extra PPR added an edge together with heal amp and ticks. Now I need to up the DPS slightly. Say in the low 1k range.

  1. DDOCentral

    I am not sure what you can do on your end to correct this, but most of the images for your posts do not display when I reblog them on DDOCentral. There must be a setting to fix this, as Even Note’s blog images for her updates display every time as do some other bloggers.

    1. patang01 Post author

      Interesting. I will take a look this weekend and see if it is some permission or if it has to do with how I upload images.


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