Time to move on

I’ve been half halfheartedly playing ToEE as of late. I usually get more into new content for a longer time but it has so little repetition value for me that I’m down to throwing my sorc at it. But without the mysterious shrines that becomes fairly tedious too.

So I’m going back to leveling my barb, vanguard and pally – all three whom I recently either IR’d or ER’d. I’d like them all to get back on track as far as hitting a few MoD here and there and perhaps drudge away at getting a few items I’m still missing, but there’s significantly less reason to stay at 28 than it was before. Partly because they raid scene is pretty much shot.

Unless you want to wait a week for that group that always blow through 20 or so MoDs in a row. If you get in on time. It’s a pity too, the shadowwyrm raids are more or less down to once or twice on argo – CITW is completely dead and MoD is the serial exhausting blow through maybe once a week.

You see more regular shroud runs than you see a combination of those 4 raids. Pity since I’d love to get a few more CITW weapons including heroic comms, complete a few full sets of thunderforged items and get a few MoD stuff on all my active guys.

But that’s raids these days – thanks to bypasses. Plus less then a stellar incentive to run these raids. Hopefully Shavarath and upcoming Epic vale can change that. I would not be adverse to put a 6 months moratorium on raid bypasses for new raids. Just so it slows down the process and allow people to get into a slower more deliberate pace.


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