A weekend in Barbarism

He ain’t no Conan. No loincloth, bulging muscular bronze skin. Ferocious and cat like.

More like a well armored rapidly cleaning scythe of mayhem. It’s not so much finesse as a reliance on 5 cleaves, Momentum swing, cleave and greater cleave, the tier 5 smite from Crusader and the one from the tree.

5 brutal swings, raged to the hilt and a few other things thrown in for good measure. So from the Thursday time frame and to Sunday I hit the quest chains as hard as I could and advanced from 22ish to 26 – through Sagas or simply vacuuming all Epic quests in turn on EH.

A few levels involved unlocking Crusader and I’ve used Saga XP to unlock other destinies as much as possible. The idea is to scrape together 2 more Fate points and eventually twist in consecrated ground then run mostly on Legendary or Fotw for DPS. Simple enough. The build is a mix of pure Barbarian using components of all 3 trees for as much rage strength and Constitution as possible together with self healing and heal amp.

I still wish I had the Esos, but I am curious as to getting a ToEE heavy armor and 2 hander combo for 26 since I don’t have a black dragon armor on this guy.

Of course that means running part 2 until my eyes bleed and I’m burned out on ToEE right now. There’s just something mindbogglingly boring about slaying hordes of  creatures through all nodes.


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