Weekend bangup

This weekend I did 2 basic things; hit 28 with my pure Barb – and unlocked a full ToEE set. It’s not bad once you get that set bonus – but the Falchion cleaves are borked and I’m not sure if that’s resulting in a lot of misses or is simply only graphical. Either way with 28 means full Thunderforged armor and thunderforged great axe. But I must say that it was a nice combo while it lasted.

I also started getting my Vanguard up and running again after taking a few weeks off from leveling him. Most of it has been some terrible tedious weeks of a lot of ToEE running and it was a nice change of pace to level up my level 17 then to level 19 and 2 bubbles away from 20.

I’m clearly lacking a good bastardsword in the 15-20 range. I don’t know of a named that fills that gap, but there are plenty of shields in that range.

I’m using the level 16 from Web of Chaos and the level 14 First Blood. I will I had a Elite version of it but it would be a marginal improvement over the other stuff.

There are a few I’d like for the coming levels. The Epic Web of Chaos one. I still have not pulled the shard for it. It’s an okay sword. I finally pulled the shard for the heavy armor so that’s going to be nice with it’s +15 Vertigo (The Sentinels). Then at 21 I have either a Drow one or the B-sword from Epic Sentinels (well I got that one for 20 too). At 23 I have the Citw and at 26 thunderforged. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Spinal Tap or a fully upgraded ToEE with the combo with the heavy armor I just unlocked. Both would add an okay amount of DPS to the Vanguard.



2 thoughts on “Weekend bangup

  1. longshotist

    Vanguards! So happy to see these shielders picking up some steam. I have so much fun playing mine. Bastion is a nice shield. I use the various versions of it pretty much exclusively. I like First Blood too, and i have a few nice lootgen bastard swords as well. S&B ftw!


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