Fury Basher? Vanrager?

I sometimes experiment. No – not like the guys who do the math, pick the enhancements and feats to maximize and exploit multi-classing. I have ideas. Not necessarily solid ones. More like ‘hmm – what if…’

So unlike the more solidified experiments we see in the forums I see interesting synergies – but not to a degree that I’ve done the math. Like my Spellsinger/Air Savant Hybrid. Maybe I should have made the math, but here’s the thing – I’m not looking for maximum DPS. I’m looking for interesting synergies. Such as with that experiment it was the blend of typical bard features together with Air Savant. I knew it wouldn’t maximize DPS since it also means ‘less’ savant spells. But it would add a strength to several cross connected spells.

Fewer but potentially stronger. Only problem is that even if some spells seems stronger – such as otto’s sphere together with enchantment based spells, there’s not enough diversity to ‘beat’ a full blooded Savant. In other words; yes – there’s synergy between sonic and electric, but not to a degree it beats a pure electric (air savant).

I could easily see that by using my hybrid and then using my pure sorc. No contest outside the slightly ‘stronger’ disco ball.

That’s why I’m converting my hybrid to a Warlock instead. It was fun while it lasted but to me – since I now have sonic based stuff (and impulse) it makes perfect sense to convert him to a Fey based Warlock.

So what is a Fury Basker/Vanrager?

Think heavy armor vanguard based barbarian. With the majority of enhancement point split between barbarian enhancements (with a majority of level as barbarian) and enough levels in Fighter (Purple knight as you can see) for the connection to Vanguard and most importantly a few extra feats.

First – what I lose. Going from pure vanguard (human) the significant loss are both feats (many) and the heavy investment in fighter based enhancement. In this case a vanguard tank. That means a heavy investments in shield, focus on weapons and to a greater degree tank based enhancements. Along with that lots of double strike procs simply through Vanguard.

Surprisingly in that case also DPS – particularly melee power (all the additional fighter feats means a heavier investment in focus and weapon specialization, all which provides melee power.

Even with barbarian rage, vaguards can muster an impressive amount of additional DPS just through these doublestrikes and more melee power, well enough to cover for the effect of raging.

On the plus side barbarians get an impressive amount of heal amp, heal procs and additional HP from raging and such to compensate for the difference in PRR/MRR and doubstrike and DPS. In other words – it’s not so much an overwhelming difference in DPS that drove me to look into it, as much as self healing and use of tactical feats.

Currently I’m somewhat ‘downgraded’ from vanguard by not being able to take all shield based feats, but I’m still able to use both improved trips and stunning blow. Both to a very healthy degree. That includes stunning shield bash.

This build is (again) not about ultimate DPS. It’s clear that doing a fullblown 2 weapon/2 handed barb adds more powder, but this is about adding depth – by adding PRR/MRR, tactical feats and self healing to a degree that he’s ‘almost’ self sufficient. Plus hitting in the 600-1200 range with ToEE combo items (acid based full plate+fire based khopesh) together with 45ish proc heals (120 something on killing something).

There’s also another reason; when I was on my vanguard I loved the crusader destiny. It’s not a ultimate DPS destiny but it does have some neat features including consecrated grounds. This is the only feature (with heal ticks)  that works with a raging barbarian and I hope they won’t change it.

Again – it’s not as good dps wise as legendary, but it adds to the whole self sufficiency thingy.

So far it’s okay; moreso than my other hybrid experiment since other than a loss in feats and the excellent pure vanguard enhancements cap, the gains more or less makes up for the losses.


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