Update 26th, days before I get my new setup

I’m just glad I managed to grind out another 200 rusted before ToEE is broken even more. I know; they’re adding more rare spawns and a regular Epic version of the Mythical named ones – and increasing the drop chance, but no material amount increase.

The problem was never that there wasn’t enough rare. The problem was and still is the idiotic pile of HP they have and the low amount of mushrooms that you get.

Yes – the drop chance of the named items were too low, but it’s not like most of those are that desired. Not given that the same ML competes with the more well rounded tier 2 thunderforged. Situationally they’re strong, but not across the board like thunderforged.

I’ve done ToEE (epic) on all diff settings and only on EE do you get a comfortable amount. The difference between EE amounts is stark compared to EH and EN. Now normally that sounds okay – here’s the issue. Balance wise EN and EH are close. Sure, more guys on EH and more HP, but both the damage amount and spawns seems to follow a reasonable gradiant. HP bloat doesn’t. First – it’s not even ‘reasonable’ on EN, but it’s double on EH. You go from 60k something HP on EN on some bosses to 130-150k. And the amount of material you get, such as Mushrooms barely doubles. So the average seems to be 1 on EN, barely 2 on EH and 4-5 on EE. That is a HUGE discrepancy for the amount of time and resources you spend on EH.

Plus EE won’t really be all that possible going forward. Most of it comes from the use of shrines. Lets be honest; most people ‘fish’ for shrines in early part 2 and then use that stacking shrines on an hour timer to go into part one on EE. At least I did. It’s about the ONLY reasonable way you can get enough DPS to deal with the mind numbing hordes of trash mobs and obliterate piles of HP on bosses.

And even with that you’re still doing it for what seems be soul killing amount of time.

Now with shrines expiring on exit you won’t ever have enough DPS to deal with what is probably the worst spawning system in DDO; where mobs are lined up every 10 feet, often 10 or so with a third or more ranged.

Now I use a Shiradi caster for this – in general terms that is light on resources, but I also use Otto’s disco ball and other AOEs. Still, without the shrines those 3900 SP will melt away like nothing. You won’t get far without shrines and it’s tedious enough doing Shiradi casting against creatures with 5k HP each when the same corridor have 3-4 mobs in them. This is on EH BTW – without shrines you’ll be wasting most of your time slaying mobs and little doing anything else. That’s why the lousy 3-4 encounters with a 10+ Mushroom drop on EH, wasting 1.30 hours feels like a pain. Where as a short 20 minute romp down a set corridor netting 15 or so rusted (provided you end up with 2 or so encounters) is less of a pain.

Again – provided you have 2-3 shrines running. Each provided an addition 100-500 in elemental damage per magic missile (or otherwise) hit. That stacks up quickly and it’s absolutely essential combating that much trash mobs. Now imagining doing about 10-30 impulse damage with 7% proc chance for 500-1000 more in damage per 6 bolts? That’s the essential nature of Shiradi. With 5k+ HP on ONE single creature and most mobs have around 10 EE creatures in them, you’ll be blowing through your SP in no time doing essentially pittance in damage.

Now end up fighting a rare encounter with 80-160k.

Have fun.

That’s the issue with ToEE

They shrines where the only reasonable way of progressing on EH without wasting most of your resources and complete it under 2 hours.

Basically – I’m glad I managed to get a full set with Khopesh and Armor and it’s clear that ToEE for me will be a once and done from now on. Time to hope for great gear in update 27 and waste all my time creating green steel items once that update comes out.

But in other news; I’  eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 2 more 23 inch monitors, monitor stand, 250GB SSD and 960 GTX OC graphic card.

Triple monitor DDO on SSD for the win.


3 thoughts on “Update 26th, days before I get my new setup

  1. geoffhanna

    I still haven’t made anything. Not from a lack of desire. But from a lack of opportunity to do the grind. No one else in my guild is interested enough and I just don’t solo very often anymore.


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