Expanding my senses

My Warlock is the tiny speck standing on the bridge (railing). I’m now running 5760×1080 and it’s…great.

I can do the same in a few other games (triple monitor) but since I only got a GTX 960 it’s not powerful enough to push max graphics in high intensity games, such as the latest Witcher – however Witcher 1 (the original) enhanced version works fine.

Other games ‘goes bezerk). I tried Xcom: Enemy Within and the picture ends up in reverse. That’s right, upside down. Absolutely Silly. Other have the image completely warped. There are some that can’t run 5760 (such as Fallout 3) unless I assume you do some third party software or sum such.

Empire: Total War works, but it’s on the edge – you notice it when you scroll around and the edges blurs up. But otherwise it works. I can always turn down the graphics a smidgen on more demanding games.

I do wish I could run it in Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning – that game is absolutely gorgeous.

I also installed a 250GB SSD – not Windows yet but I will eventually do that too. So far I’ve only done Witcher 2 and DDO – and while it’s nice to have virtually no load time on a lot of features there’s one oddity that’s going on, something that I suspect is a matter of me using a fairly new graphic card – I can’t run full screen mode while running on directx 10 and 11. 9 works fine, but if I true full screen it freezes completely. It gives me a 128 error, something that seems to pop up from time to time in both Lotro and DDO over the years.

Hopefully this will be fixed so I can get the full effect of directx 11.

I’ll get back later about Warlock – I’m only at level 17 and in Heroic Warlock is a fairly good class. I know however that Warlock lacks a good solid high DPS SLA or spell – so Epic is where the problem starts. I know that the scaling have changed from Lam to the release, so maybe this is less of an issue now than before.

But so far Heroic content is fairly manageable. I love the new spell Evard’s Black Tentacles. I don’t know how well it’ll scale in Epics and it is conjuring – not perhaps the strongest feature on the Warlock, but it is like a shorter web, but that does blunt damage and it’s intriguing to use.

I also use Silence Creature – single opponent – for up to 26 seconds. It’s Enchantment, a much easier investment and it works. Again, the question is if it’s going to be viable in Epic. It’s otherwise an excellent way of silencing an enemy caster. If it only worked somewhat on bosses – because the reality is that DPS often outstrips quaint and cool spells, making it easier to simply DPS things to death, than to use tactics.


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