Hitting 20

As to prove a point, the very thing I discussed in my last post, happened as I did the High Road.

Warlocks are good at doing a general amount of solid DPS. DPS that will damage most critters and won’t be saved by many of them. Now pact damage is entirely different, but the Warlock blast damage itself is pretty solid. At least in Heroic and it ranges from light, piercing, evil and force.

I use tainted scholar and soul eater (and a smidgen enlightened spirit) so I have the entire range except for light damage. And it’s good since untyped (piercing) seems to work the best across the board. Also (as I mentioned) I use Fey – Sonic is by far one of the most diverse of the ‘elements’ since very few things negates it completely.

However even with that it amounts to something like 200-300 in crit damage for both of them per hit and this pretty much bottomed out around level 18, even with incremental increase in spell power. Partly for that is that there’s very little ‘enhancement’ increase of spell power in the Warlock trees. You see more crit chance increase as well as die increase. This won’t immediately translate into a great shift in damage.

And it was entirely clear when I did the high road. Suddenly the damage from blast seemed to trail behind. Both because it was saved (for half or no damage) but also because it took a lot of hits before taking care of business. the Black tentacle spell however worked nicely. There’s a bug right now (fixed for next patch) where anyone entering it takes no blunt damage, but they can still be held from it. It’s terrific in so much, but it wasn’t even enough in some cases.

I’ve also noticed a change to Medusas – they no longer go through the whole charge to stone you (with light beaming from their face) that you can outrun. This often ‘killed’ you in the process. Now they simply stone you, using the spell. Probably ‘better’ for the creature but of course you can’t use a specific tactics against it. In fact that probably make the shield worthless in the lordmarch quest if it’ll simply stone you. Plus those two mirrors in the end quest.

All in all I hit 20 by doing the 2 separate heroic Eveningstar quests (the one with the werewolfs and the one with the hags) and by doing a quick wilderness romp for some early and easy slayer.

Now I’m geared for Epic – not so much using superior sticks, but I got 3 out of 5 of the Abashai set – that should increase and help both evocation and conjuration. I have the Web of Chaos Epic helmet. Not so much for electric (no use) but void spells power and lore. And I’m going to get some divine destines upgraded to add more spell points – always needed it seems despite it not being a prominent feature of the class (PnP). After that I’ll do Draconic. Personally it’s less useful for a Fey pact than any of the others and primarily because Fey have little synergy with the draconic elements (the old one is acid and Fiend fire so obviously that will work better with draconic).


4 thoughts on “Hitting 20

  1. Tholgrin

    I haven’t noticed medusas skipping the animation.. although you don’t need a shield to block it, just be in block mode. My monks do it unarmed all the time 😀

    1. patang01 Post author

      never stuck around to figure that out
      but yeah
      was stoned way away from the Medusa without animation just as if it cast a stone.


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