Doing some Epics

I can do EE on some toons – I don’t know if my Warlock can do them and I’m not exactly eager to find out. It only has 400 something HP so it’s not the best candidate for it. Now I do think that I might redo the enhancements to remove some features I don’t use as often and add it more to the enlightened spirit – either for adding more MRR and PRR and perhaps even boosting hirelings.

The truth is – when auto attacking it’s hard to get anything else in right off the bat (it seems that the Eldricht blast is hard to interrupt). So if you want to use some of the other funs stuff you have to press down the function a few times to make sure it fires.  In that respect I’ve noticed that I don’t really need or use some of the things that much so becoming a medium armor using Warlock seems a lot easier. Altho the truth is that I really don’t have that many medium EPic armors laying around and none that works that well on casters (Shadowmail is the given option, both heroic and Epic, but none in early Epic levels that beat the robe from Cronosphere).

Since I’m currently leveling up some divine destinies I can’t really say if Draconic or anything else add good synergy but then there’s very little among the destinies that boost specific core blast damage, only pact (acid or fire).

If anything; Warlock finds itself a kissing cousin with Arti’s – both are very good in Heroic but lack good synergy with destinies in Epic. So much so that you end up boosting some features but the main stuff remains untouched.

Now is the time for Turbine to start adding some destinies. Primarily for Arti and Warlock since they’re the furthest removed from any synergy in Epics right now. I can understand the previous addition of divine destinies, but the problem remains that the higher up you go as an Arti the more reliant you are on gear for anything with little backup from the destiny itself.

Example – melee gets a nice boost from both Crusader, Fury of the Wild and Legendary. The ‘differense’ all depends on what tactics you use, but all of them offer a boost to the base DPS with features that enhance the overall build.

Fury adds the huge spikes of DPS, Crusader medium DPS with survivability and a great tool set for solid higher DPS. Draconic for example provide lots of benefits for the main DPS of both Wizards, Arcanes and Divines. But only secondary for Warlocks and Arti’s. Primarily because it boosts DC, spell power AND add additional high end attacks.

For Arti’s it only add secondary attacks, the main of both repeater and rune arm is entirely unaffected (sure it’s spells get a slight boost from the element you pick, provided that it’s something that boost that particular spell, but the spells themselves don’t make the Arti). Warlocks benefits slightly from pact increase damage (if the element is say fire or acid) but here again the primary function of the Eldricht blast is unaided.

To me the best option should therefor be the addition of 2 more arcane destinies – one that works primarily for Warlock but also as an okay secondary for other casters and an Arti destiny that does the same for Arti’s.

I could see the Warlock one adding a basic pew pew attack for anyone other than Warlock (in the same way as the Bard one adds basic Bard features to other classes and some of the Divine add specific divine features to other classes, such as lay on hands etc).

It would add interesting boost to the pew pew for Warlocks as well as some SLAs and slight boost to overall DPS and for everyone else it would be a ‘smaller’ version of the pew pew.

Similarly the Arti destiny would boost Arti runearm and ranged weapon to add procs for runearm hits and boost charge rate and level, while giving basic rune arm use to other classes. Say up to a specific Heroic ML – this could then boost multi classers so they can also use higher end rune arms and it would add some basic synergy for anyone that wanted to use it.

Imagine an Earth Savant with the Glorious Obscenity (at the most) for some nice acid based damage synergy.

However, going back to my early Epic experience on EH I notice that the DPS is okay for now. It’ll scale up to a certain point – but without a destiny that can provide a powerboost to 30, Warlock will surely fall behind, just as Arti’s do.


3 thoughts on “Doing some Epics

    1. patang01 Post author

      I’ve been using draconic with electric – it works nicely with some of the arti spells. I didn’t notice that much of a difference with Shiradi and it’s mainly on spells and repeater and nothing on rune arm. Personally I’d love a destiny that adds more functionality to both repeater and rune arm to take advantage of more Arti features.


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