I told you so, but it doesn’t make me feel better

I finally hit 27 and decided to do among others Macabre and ToEE. Here is where the lack of a Warlock centric Destiny starts rearing it’s ugly head. it’s not that Draconic is bad or Shiradi don’t work. They do – but just as with artificer, the problem is less ‘working’ and more ‘does little to main attack’.

First and foremost – the only thing boosted from draconic is the pact damage – if you’re Fiend or old ones (acid or fire). Fey is completely unboosted. There’s the burst, vortex and breath, but that’s true for any other class playing it.

Shiradi procs on the pew pew. This is a little bit more effective on chain as it gives it 3 chances to proc at 7%. This actually turns out to be as far as I can see the ‘best’ destiny for the main attack, but it still remains fairly the same for all other classes – meaning wiz and sorc will get more out of Shiradi with more potential procs and all other ranged can proc rainbow attacks. Again – it’s a boost but almost nothing else in the Shiradi destiny works better (or worse) for Warlock.

In other words; there comes a point when you simply do not have that much benefit from destinies and the typical Arti problem of less then stellar DPS and such sets in. This is also true with the black tentacles. You can keep on putting lots of points into conjuration, from gear or otherwise, but once you hit the 30 something quests it’s not as useful. Mostly because it’s only 10 seconds and that’s not nearly good enough to deal with hordes  5-7k HP.

And then there’s the ToEE issue of ‘I told you so’.

First – with shrines expire on exit, you don’t have the use of the extra DPS to deal with critters and bosses. That wouldn’t be so bad if Turbine in their wisdom rebalanced some of the monsters. But as far as I can tell, it’s all the same except for a ‘higher’ spawn rate of rare monsters (not shrines tho),


Like Slag here, or Kelno in the featured image. Kelno with an absolutely insane 170k HP on EH with only 3 people in the group (1 hireling and 2 players).

Slag – with 103k. Thank gosh the Warlock can do untyped damage since every single monster comes with globs of DR in many different elements.


And here’s Spiritrunner. 94k.

This is painful on the Warlock who can deal with trash mobs okay – but do not have an okay DPS attack (good medium pew pew, no ‘big and nasty’). First I tried with Draconic, but the DPS was simply not good enough. Shiradi at least had lots of procs, adding much needed DPS to these dreadful boorish fights.

I don’t know what Turbine was thinking by just adding ‘more’ spawns but leaving the red named massive bloated piles of HP, but without shrines the 2 hour tedious Warlock romp felt like crawling across rubber glue. It was probably the longest most boring session I’ve done in DDO so far.

As you can see from the images the Warlock do everything from 150-500 sonic damage and 200-600 untyped. That seems to be the usual range, which is not bad considering it’s basically a resource free attack. But that’s it; unless you decide to burn lots of SP dropping the black tentacles, the other backup for DPS would be draconic SLA.

You can of course use the different Tainted Scholar and Soul Eater type SLAs, but most of then do evil damage and in lousy amounts. And all of those being singular attacks it won’t help much against the deluge of spawning trash mobs.

So is all this moaning and groaning about wanting to make it ‘easier’? (that is the goto fallacy some defenders of this nonsense usually dribble out). No – I want it more fun. The measure of a good encounter is not how long it takes, but rather how much fun it was.

I’ve stated this before but lets do it again; when I run the Macabre quests one of my favorite monsters is the Lich.

It negates a range of lower level spells, it’s fast and its attacks hurt. Every second gets intense. The boss lich in ToEE is an example of how ToEE fails. It piles on gobs of DR, massive glut of HP and does mediocre damage. Enough to make the minutes you spend lobbing spells after spell at it as boring as possible.

That’s ultimately the truth about all encounters, Kelso most of all. 170k HP, lots of DR and you stand there and fire whatever you have at him for minutes and minutes until he’s done. That’s not hard, not fun, not interactive and it’s typical of balancing a game according to the super DPS toons in game rather then what’s fun and intense. That’s true with Slag and Spiritrunner.

For example when I ran into the rustmonster I ended up running back and forth in the same corridor pew pewing. For minutes. Seldom got hit, took little damage and just ran back and forth until it was slain.

Thus – Turbine removed the one thing that makes the nonsense less tedious – shrines (they’re there, but few and far apart and they expire), added a higher spawn rate, so you can spend more time gnawing at Mount HP until you go ‘to heck with it’ and unharness and let gravity do the rest.

Turbine – for Pete sakes – the earth priest still only got 7k HP and you get a chest and Kelno have 170k and have NOTHING. Do you want people to buy and play this quest at all?


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