Why I like Cannith Crafting

It is true that Cannith Crafting is not as ‘useful’ in todays Epic as it was in yesterdays heroic, but there’s still room for it when you TR into either heroic (level 1) or Iconic and specifically when you need a little more ‘obscure’ items.

Like solving the issue of effective impulse/kinetic lore boosting for a melee type fighter Warlock along side combustion (Fiend pact).

The combustion is ‘easy’ enough by using the cloak from Cannith challenges. That can grow with you all the way until Epic and then you’re simply going to have to figure out another combination. But impulse/Kinetic lore is much, much harder.

Particularly if you prefer to use a functional weapon instead of a caster type one. So how do you solve it. There are only 2 non weapon slot items that provide impulse in the heroic range.

Sage bracers and Shadowmail. Combine both and you have lore and impulse power. I got neither on my melee guy. Getting the bracers is easy but pulling the right shadowmail is a lot harder. It also takes up slots for better items such as a good medium armor or bracers.

This is one of those conundrums that Cannith crafting can solve. First, Warlock needs DC breaking items. Evocation for the pact damage part of the Eldricht blast/bursts. Conjuration to boost the chance for a successful black tentacles, enchantment for a lot of the ‘charm’/silence based stuff and Necromancy for a functional finger of death. All of which can be crafted since there’s a clear limitation of items with it.

In my case I am working on crafting a evocation II+Kinetic Lore 15% ring. I could potentially do it for the trinket slot, but there are so many other nice things that can fit into a trinket slot. So having the flexibility to add Cannith crafting to rings opens up a whole new world in crafting. And it also allows wonky builds with hard options to finagle in options that don’t exist either among random or named items.

One of the reasons why I look forward to a improved Cannith Crafting this or next year. Being able to extend crafting into the Epic levels can only add diversity, not minimize it. And adding more diverse options and perhaps even a more improved system can only add to the game instead of detract.


7 thoughts on “Why I like Cannith Crafting

  1. DDOCentral

    We need to start brainstorming and putting more suggestions on the DDO forums for the upcoming crafting revision. Being able to craft potions, wands, and scrolls has been suggested so far, including a new Skill called Fabrication (based on INT).

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  3. Tholgrin

    …I’ll be honest, I’m the odd one out, here. Of all my toons, the highest crafting level is 34. Now I’m not saying it’s useless – far from it! – I just found the amount of legwork have to do to craft anything even remotely useful at low levels to be less than a beneficial return on investment. Just the idea of sitting at a station, grinding shard after shard, or useless item after useless item, soiled the whole thing. Perhaps in the revamp, they could include things that weren’t absolute poop to entice you to continue crafting.. or maybe showcase some items you COULD make at later levels, rather than going “oh yay, another +0 ember club, yay me” for hours.

    Of course, my opinion on later levels changed dramatically once someone passed me the shards to make a Devotion Trinket of Melee Alacrity 10%, so by no means am I saying it’s all bad. But it desperately needs a revisit.

    1. patang01 Post author

      The release of flexible shards truly changed Cannith crafting in a profound way. It allowed features to be placed on items where it generally do not appear randomly. Such as melee alacrity on helmets. And with augments slots it’s possible to add even more diversity to obscure stuff. Such as a Charisma +6 with +2 Evocation Helmet. Or a ring with Kinetic lore V (15% crit chance).

      You won’t find these features in those combinations on either named or random loot and if the crafting pass add even more flexibility it’ll be a great hit. And naturally, the idea of making scrolls and such sounds awesome. That would make crafting a new dynamic trading option.


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