3 is the charm

I now have 3 Warlocks. Or 2 pure and 1 hybrid.

Not because I LOVE Warlocks, but because 2 are experiments and the 1 (the current one) is the one I always wanted to be a Warlock.

Pure and simple; I converted by hybrid caster – a Bard Spellsinger/Air Savant to a Fey pact pure Warlock. I’ve enjoyed it greatly.

I got curious about synergy between Warlock and melee and did a fighter (for extra feats) Sword and board PDK Warlock (6/14). I’m still reserved about that one. Sword and board almost demand a full plate of tactical feats and perhaps a 2 weapon swinging one would be better. I used Fiend pact for that guy – because combustion is fairly common (Cannith Challenge cloak for example).

And now I’ve taken my Sorc and made him a Bladeforged pure Old Ones (acid based pact) Warlock. My Fey one is based on Morninglord iconic, the melee PDK and now this one Bladeforged. Boy – that’s a pain. Because in order to Old one you can’t be lawful and Bladeforged must be lawful. So not only did I do an iconic TR, but used a +1 lesser to blow away the 1 level of Paladin (requiring you to be lawful) followed by another lesser after I’ve did a true neutral alignment change. All just so I could make my Sorc a pure Warlock and use all the gear I’ve collected (specifically) for Bladeforged/Warforged (docents).

Acid in itself is not that much different from Sonic or Fire, except that you have less monsters that are immune or have DR against it compared to fire. Sonic is nice, but I have so much acid based gear that I wanted to keep that going.

I’m doing primarily Tainted Scholar, with some Souleater and enough Enlightened spirit to get the first burst. It’s terrific for those close combat shots of burst damage.

I’m currently well invested in Enlightened Spirit with my fighter – those 2 bursts replaces the cleaves.

My Fey based Warlock has a similar setup to my ex sorc, but I’m thinking about going more Souleater instead to see if that makes much of a difference.

I also ended up running a lot of Crystal Cove this weekend. In a moment of DBaggery I and another level 20 (I was with my recently TR’d Fey pact Warlock) entered CC on 20 – another person asked to join and promised he was level 20. Turned out he was 28. I did’t notice (since I was not the leader) until later when I was somewhat surprised that no gems were dropping. So I checked and yes, we were 8 over level and wouldn’t get squat. I was livid and told the group how extremely DBaggy that was.

That entire run wasted and if I see that guy again (didn’t catch his name but it was shorter and I bet I’ll remember it when I see it) I will squelch him. Period.

After that I soloed everything and it was a pain since hirelings are borked. I so wish Turbine realized just how terrible it is that they’ve more or less destroyed hirelings when it comes to challenges.

If they only worked as they did back in the day it would have been less of a mess. Thank gosh for dimension door, a must have on any caster including Warlock.


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