Understanding Warlocks

Being a savant is entirely inconsequential to choices. Other than having the basic gear (such as a random stick with the element and lore) it’s super easy to retool.

As a sorc I could switch from Earth to Air with little issue – if I needed to switch some spells around there’s always the store thingy you can get (unlimited spell changes for an hour) or you get one from the rewards list after unlocking Gianthold TOR Favor.

Basically all relevant Savant choices lies within the tree and all fundamental spells is in the spell list.

Not so with Warlocks, once you go say Fey – you’re locked into pivotal type of spells, but it also locks out other pact types from an iconic CC spell – Otto’s.

Fey on the other hand is not tremendously impacted by now being able to say use thrall or Hurl through hell – these are either dominate single critter spell or a fancy version of EIN for single users (or hyper fancy version of Finger of Death).

That is why my current reincarnated sorc using the Old One Pact feels a little naked. But naked is a good feeling; because it forces me to find other solutions.

As a sorc, be it air or earth, the way I approached a room was fairly identical. Large mobs required a disco ball, min fog and even some other AOEs. Safe to say this was very useful in large mob fights in ToEE and less frequent elsewhere.

Then drop a bunch of magic missiles or an energy burst and presto – paste.

The only difference was the tool to do the nuking – be in acid burst or lighting strike. The overall ‘difference’ was a matter of details – how it all was done started with the AOEs and the CC.

With Old Ones compared to Fey or even Fiend the way you approach fights are definitely different. It has too, since only one pact has well defined CC – the others have at the most black tentacles and Web.

That’s not to say the other pacts are without CC completely – all of them can pick hold monster, mass. Old Ones get mass suggestion, entangle and dominate person, while Fiend get command (single person) and Binding Chain (single) but the entire method of CCing or for that matter tactics will change dependent on pact.

With my fey Warlock I use primarily Otto’s. That’s your traditional way of destroying. With my former Sorc however it’s more web, and spells like symbol of persuasion. In other words, the way I go about it tactically is different dependent on pact, rather then the same kitchen sink as with sorcs with a slightly different delivery method (offensive spells). It’s exactly the polar opposite with Warlocks.

And you can say the same about Bards; they share the same basic spells, but deliver harm through the trees (mostly). So they have the same array of support and CC and then kills stuff differently dependent on whether they’re spellsingers, Warchanters or Swashbucklers.

That is what makes Warlock interesting; the front end stuff – the pew pew is very similar. Pact damage varies but all type of pacts can use the same chained attack (or cone or whatever), but everything around depends wildly on pact.

So I’m enjoying playing Fey as traditional CC and destroy, Field works nicely as a close combat front line smacking thing and my Old Ones work nicely as a charm and destroy. As such I was playing the first quest in Wheelon and when the bandit leader came with hords of other ruffians, my Symbol of persuasion turned the trash mob into unwilling defenders and promptly surrounded the boss. Allowing me to stay at a safe distance and hurl blasts.

I did something similar in the one with the Shadarkai boss. When all the beasts was released from the cages I dropped a symbol and suddenly he had to fight them instead while I could do the whole ranged murder thingy. And as the other cage opened the chain attack would deal with them – and nothing came through.

That’s different from when I used my Fey Warlock – there the dancing ball kept the beasts busy while I kite and smacked the boss.


5 thoughts on “Understanding Warlocks

  1. Tholgrin

    I liken the Fiend to the “Wolverine of arcanes” – they get up close, personal, and ugly.

    “What’s crowd control?” asks the Fiend, knee-deep in corpses, happily munching away on their souls.

  2. House of Grouse

    Interestingly Enlightened Spirit is best suited to run into the middle of a crowd and just burst away. The cone with Soul Eater works pretty well as well but the chain effect is difficult to get everything. Forget everything else your enhancements are going to make the key difference IMVHO.


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