Thralling my way through heroic

Thrall is a fun, powerful single charm. In heroic. Epics seems to get additional or more powerful saves so you won’t hold the creature for very long. That’s a pity, because in heroic it’s more or less a minute, in Epic, regardless of quest it seems closer to 20 seconds.

Thrall is a high level Old One pact feature (level 15). But unlike other charm spells it works on most type of creatures. Trust me – I’ve tried and used it. From shadows to gel cubes in Rainbow – it works. In heroic it’s almost a must for the Old one Pact. It allows you to take charge of many different creatures that immediately suck up agro around it. It seldom works on Orange named, but often on regular creatures even champions.

Now the gel cube was an oddity that didn’t work too well since cubes are not all too agile. But Clay Golems are nice to charm – especially in Rainbow – or an Aladrin in Running. I didn’t use it in dust since there you sorta are meant to snuff out the Ogres as quickly as possible. It does halt wave formation tho and when that does it might break a quest (so far all good but it has been known to do stuff like that in the past).

So then you release the charm, kill and the next wave forms. The key is of course to charm interesting creatures for maximum agro and stay power, but it’s always fun to find new type of monsters to make you a pal (Shadarkai assassin, check – it works wonders with the chain attack).

Thralls work like a single creature (non boss) dominate. So once you make them a thrall they’ll follow you until the thrall expire. I do wish it was more potent for Epics – because it should be powerful regardless. My hope is if they ever do a Warlock destiny that they also make a thrall epic version that makes thrall as effective in Epic as it is in heroic. Again – it’s only a single creature dominate, so other then that aspect it’s not a super spell – just fun to use.

On the subject of my ‘Old one’. The cost of using bladeforged is high – because you need to invest more in your race tree and therefor miss out on good points that makes your overall Warlock strong. In reality I’m probably going to go back to Sorc eventually or do a drow or something Warlock. Maybe PDK for the extra feat or Drow for the additional Charisma. But since I have so many docents I might just go back to Sorc for this guy and further continue the other Warlocks as Drow (eventually). It’s just that my bladeforged have so many toys and so many past lives.

That makes him stronger in the aspect of triple Evocation, single or dual wiz for extra spell pen (I have to check). Now if I did a triple cleric and triple FvS together with triple Wiz it would be perfect.


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